21 Mar 2008

The Devils Kitchen

I am meant to be hiking today, as in Friday, but the weather is pants so I shall know in a few hours. I suppose if you plan to go somewhere called the Devil's Kitchen its never going to turn out well.

Will update this post to say whether I have gone or not :)

Update! Yes I went and the weather was pants! But I got some cool photos and video clips. Now I am sweaty and need a shower, but I am too tired.

Another update: The photos and video took longer to edit than I thought, but they are done now. Just need to have that shower and write up the post, so in other words tomorrow the post will appear.


  1. Hi Claire. Sorry to hear your pants are weathered. Hope it clears up so you can hike it up there. I am so looking forward to our Saturday 'fest, so don't overdo today, babe.

  2. I've never heard the expression, "the weather is pants." What other things could I say "are pants"? And if I did so, what would I mean?

  3. Does that mean the weather is also crumpled in a ball on the floor?

  4. The weather here is certainly wetter than an incontinent old man's pants, after the old chap in question has drunk ten glasses of water.


  5. I hope you're having a nice hike!

  6. hey there..
    Dropping by to say hello and keep going with your blog!

    Best Wishes,
    - Wakish -

  7. You wouldn't want to go hiking around here today :-o Weather is scary.

  8. the weather is pants here today, too.
    tomorrow it's gonna be dirty socks.

  9. @Gowen Downe that sounds Welsh? with a bod like that how could I miss an appointment with you.

    @Mark pants = rubbish :)

    @.45 well pants = pants, as well as rubbish so yes :)

    @LL I was battered in the face with frozen balls, it was not pleasant.

    @yes thriftcriminal I went, pictures and video up soon (ish)

    @melissa it was worth it, I think invigorating is the word for it :)
    but too cold for that.

    @wakish thanks very much :)

    @Alsion it was pretty scary today in Wales, I hope it didnt spoil the castle turn out?

    @mo, dirty socks?

  10. So if you tell someone over there that you want to get into their pants, they think you want to get into their rubbish? Weird.

  11. @.45 I think they may just about understand what you mean, but just in case say knickers :)

  12. See, before I looked for the answer in the comments, I looked it up. It was definition (h), but it was there on Urban Dictionary:

    Pants * * * (h) Adjective. British. Rubbish.