11 Mar 2008

A view from my bedroom ....

Okay the weather has gone seriously pants over here in the UK, from freakish hail stones as seen in the video below, to howling winds that keep me awake!
Shit I am blogging about the weather, can you tell I am a bit blogger blocked?

I have no curtains in my bedroom as I like to be awakened by the sunshine, whatever that is. Luckily there is a lovely row of cacti to stop anyone getting in (I have a view stalkers). Unless people like getting pricked? hmmmmm....

In the meantime:
Britain Braced for Storm Battering!.

Don't the weather gods know what that will do to my bloody hair! I may have to resort to wearing a plastic hood like this babe:
If you think I wouldn't wear something like that to protect my hair, then you're wrong!


  1. First the earthquake and now this??

    My goodness, what have you done to bring such doom upon your people, Claire??

  2. That's what you get for wishing me harm by genetic food mutants.

  3. Well if you would just turn that camera around I wouldn't have to get pricked!

  4. Sadly I have to say that I have worn those same head cover thingys. My grandmother always had a couple in her purse and sure enough, many a time heading to church with slight Pennsylvania mistings filling the air, she would strap one to my head. They were weird, but definitely effective.

  5. I have to adorn a ruddy mostache-hood at the moment, such is the perilous nature of our country's weather!

  6. What can I say I make the earth move some folks and other times i get little frozen balls hurled at me!

    .45 I am sorry about scallop man! Just no more scallops and then you would be perfect :)

    Hmmm turn the camera round to what? my large book collection?

    Petra thats exactly how i came across these erm delightful fashion accessories, weird but I would use in a heartbeat! :)

    Oh no! not a moustache hood!

  7. Your book collection, that's what I wanna see MmmHmm.

    You clever girl!

  8. Claire I get to click on your face tomorrow! WOOHOO!

  9. They say that book collections reveal our souls :-)

    Go on, reveal all ...

    We had freezing balls down on Exmoor too.

    But, never fear, in a few days, everything will be back to normal and we will be knocking our balls around the tennis court again.

    Thanks for a great blog :-)

  10. Well if you really want to see my book collection I will post it tomorrow, weird folks :)

    Roger I hope you enjoyed clicking on my face :)