26 Mar 2008

Wordless in Wales

More found in this set on flickr here


  1. Stunning - need to work on them highlights though.

  2. I would love to visit Wales. So very beautiful.

  3. You're always posting these from the future.

  4. More from the Devil's Kitchen, eh? Still eerie even without the music!

  5. Wow! I guess every country or state has a Devil's Kitchen, or Devil's Postpile or some such...It looks so austere and cold but inviting at the same time.
    I believe I have a bit of Welsh on my mom's side of the tree.

  6. As ususual Claire, an awesome picture!

  7. Saw this one on Flickr last night - very nice!

  8. Gorgeous, Claire...

  9. Great photo, Claire. I think I'd like to have my lunch on one of those rocks by the river... So tranquil.

  10. @ Alex yep the auto correcty thingie did that, thanks for pointing it out :( meh!

    @ Thanks Sandy, I think its lovely too :)

    @.45 I am tricky like that :)

    @ Roger Cheers me dears :)

    @ Yes Will you are correct, I took so many I thought I would post them every now and again :)

    @ Hey gracie, yes that is what it felt like too, I cant wait to go back.

    @ Jeni thank you :)

    @thriftcriminal, I love comments from fellow hikers, have you had your boots on lately?

    @Chris, thats why I posted it :)

    @Thanks Stine, waiting for more photos on your blog :)

    @Cheers Jenn, eating sandwiches and drinking a thermos of coffee in places like this is what makes it worthwhile :)

  11. It looks cold and foreboding, I like it! :D

  12. Definitely mystical looking (or maybe "mist-ical"). Good job, Claire.

  13. This photo absolutely blows me away. It's like someone painted it, and I can practically feel the texture on my screen.

    I've posted my Wordless Wednesday contribution here:

    Not quite as stunning as yours, but it should bring a smile to your face all the same. I hope you'll drop by and say hi,

    Have a great rest-of-WW. All the best!


  14. Looks just like my back garden. Minus the trash cans, hobos and crack pipes. :)

  15. Love it, what kind of fish can be caught there?

  16. Hey I got to click on your face today!! :D

  17. There's truly no place like Waaaales! I even miss the rain.

  18. @offendedblogger I thought you might :)

    @bobbie, cheers the weather for once helped :)

    @carmi thats really cool of you to say, your pic did bring a smile to my face.

    @qelqoth dont forget the my little ponies :)

    @ Trukin I have no idea :)

    @ Roger what a pleasure that must of been :)

    @madmerv You cant miss the rain? really?

  19. Lovely. I can feel the cold and hear the water flowing. Many years ago, I married a Welshman, and traveled up to Llangollen. (That's thlangothlen to you, buster.) I remember one easy walk (since I am not of the hiking variety) up to the top of a hill overlooking town, and we walked right through a field of lavender. What a beautiful smell.