29 Apr 2008

Llama llama LLAMA!

Llama Day
I know I confused you with my doodle posted on Saturday, I thought I was rather clear with it. How could you not tell that Heather and I, were taking Emma Llama trekking. Okay there was no alligator/crocodile or wedding dress and the sun had no grumpy face, in fact I didn't even see the sun. Other than that, I think its pretty spot on depiction of Saturdays activity.
Llama time

What's up with the Llama's anyway? Well Heather and I wanted to do something special for Emma as she is getting married, hence this being a Hen Weekend (Bachelorette). Emma just wanted a nice quiet weekend in the cottage, doing face masks and sitting in front of the fire.
Of course that meant Heather and I had to look for something fun to do as a surprise, the problem was Emma doesn't like anything! Extreme sports were out as I wasn't taking the blame for Emma drowning or crashing a quad bike.
So on searching for things to do in surrounding area of the cottage, I stumbled upon this website Lakeland Llama Treks. On one hand Emma doesn't like walking, the outside, fresh air, on the other hand it's me and I can't resist planning something! So after consulting Heather, in which I agreed to accept the blame if Emma hated it. We decided to go ahead and book it.
During the build up to this weekend I asked a lot of people what they would think about a llama trek and the response wasn't good! Mostly 'wtf are you doing that for' and 'She is going to kill you'. So Heather and I decided to keep quiet about the llama surprise right up until the very last moment.
The fateful day arrived on Saturday, Emma was given a post code to put into her sat nav and we arrived at the car park by the lake. It had been very quiet in the car on the way with Emma looking very worried indeed and not happy at all about wearing wellies.
Once we managed to get her out the car and towards a trailer, she exclaimed 'Horses!', I said 'Nope!', then she said 'Camels!', I replied 'erm no, camels? weirdo!. Then she went with 'Llamas?' that definitely shocked us. The good thing was she was actually smiling, even though it disappeared a little bit once she found out we weren't riding them.
The weather may of been crap, Emma may hate outside and walking, but we had a great time! Llamas are gorgeous! They do not spit at you and they are cute and lovely and fluffy. The guides pair you up with a llama and then it was a lovely walk around the lake, with a stop for a very nice picnic. The llamas love the lake so we took them down to the lake shore for a splash and they love to wee in the water.
It was over far too soon and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, but most importantly Emma loved it. Check out the video below for a quick snippet of the fun we had and the link to my flickr photographs underneath the collage.
I will be doing another post on what else we got up to this weekend, as there is a lot more photographs to see.


  1. That song's going to be running through my head all day now! Looks like lots of llama fun was had by all. I'm envious :).

  2. I love the llama photos. I'm glad to see you had a great llama time and that it was a fine llama weekend.

    I kinda think I'd be delighted if one of my friends planned a day hiking with llamas for me.

    But then I'm weird.

  3. Sounds like fun! Too bad you couldn't ride them, since she doesn't like walking. Glad you all had a good time.

  4. You know, I thought the whole llama thing was going to be something to do with your counseling training. Go figure.

  5. Llama llama time! I would have loved this as a surprise :)

  6. That sounded like alot of fun. So did you intentionally look for the Llama trek or was it an accidental find? I guess I should take the stumble upon as an accidental find. Pictures are great.

  7. I can't believe the alligator was a sham! Glad you had fun anyway. That music is freakin' horrifying, Claire. Please never play that again.

  8. @franscud, I am glad I spread the madness, I have been singing that song for about three months now, ever since I booked the llama trek. It was really good fun

    @Jenn, It was a lot of Llama llama fun! If I am not weird, then neither are you, but I am probably in denial. Book a flight and come over or head to Peru and grab your own :)

    @Pentad, it was great and very relaxing. Emma managed to walk, I think she surprised herself. Although she did say she still wont come hiking, unless I bring a llama.

    @Mark, funny you should say that, I have suggested it for one of our personal development groups and llamas are used a lot to work with children and people with learning difficulties. They are really great animals.

    @Alison, they are opening a visitors centre in Penrith and doing a lot more stuff, so I will meet you half way! :)

    @Kevin, I was just looking through the tourist information sites, when I saw the link. It looked like too much to ignore! It was a great find and I would highly recommend it to anyone :)

    @.45, yep I was a big liar liar pants on fire, but that's better than being a dancing queen, mamma mia!

    Speaking of horrifying music.......

  9. If I didn't know better, I might think you were provoking me to battle.

  10. @.45, did you say battle? like the great Battle of Waterloo?

  11. I saw your new avatar on the BC photo group, and at first I thought it was a new group member!

    Looks like your Hen weekend turned into a wonderful adventure.



  12. No, that's too dramatic. More like the flame kind.

  13. @bobbie, I like to change things, I hope it wasn't a disappointment it just being me? :(

    It was llama tastic :)

    @.45, sounds like it could get hot, me likey.

  14. You are hard to keep up with. I'm glad you had a good time. Your enthusiasm is infectious!

  15. Looks like a fun time. :)

  16. Did they hiss or bite at all? I had heard they do that.

  17. @Relax Max, I am sure one of you can keep up with me, you have a whole team. I have been known to be infectious.

    @Tisha, it was great fun, the kids would of loved the llamas for sure.

    @Damien, they didn't hiss or bite at all, they are very very gentle creatures. The only time they spit is at each other over food disputes and arguments over lady llamas.

  18. I gotta say... that DID NOT look exciting. Hahaha @ llamas (just saying the word makes me laugh). But it's good you had fun.

    There was booze, right?


  19. I woulda rode one Claire no sexual pun here, I know I can't believe it either but I really would have insisted on riding one.

  20. I don't think I could have kissed the llama. LOL! Love the picture in the middle. :-)

  21. @Jillian, I am sensing you don't like the countryside and hiking? get off my blog then! meh! :)

    It wasn't exciting like bungee jumping, but it was fun and I get excited by the countryside in my own way :)

    There was booze, you will see that in my next post.

    @trukindog, they are not like horses, they are like big pet dogs that look like llamas. I am glad you made it clear that you DON'T want to shag a llama :)

    @2sweetnsaxy, you didn't really have a choice about kissing them, they just went for it! lol. Thanks for commenting :) I like the middle one too.

  22. I like the countryside.... and hiking... sort of (minus the nature and being outside part).

  23. Arrrrrrrgggggggggggggg!!!!! Those llamas would look really nice with a black bra attached to them! :)

  24. @Jillian, you are such a townie! I am going to track you down in September and make you go hiking :)

    @Olga, the llamas would of loved you!!! They even dress up in wedding gear.

    I hope you feel bad!

  25. I like your lama lol! Hey I posted one last month under lama glamma.

  26. @Roger, I am glad you like my llamas :)

    I remember your llama post, I think llamas should be on the internet more.

  27. Llamas are llovely! A bunch of 4-H kids visit our Minnesota llamas every summer, and the llamas are always gentle, soft and curious.

  28. @Rick, I absolutely loved the llamas and I am planning to go again.

    I would highly recommend any folks on your side of the pond to give llama trekking a go :)

    Your llamas look gorgeous and the llamas we went trekking with are also used to work with children.

    Thanks for commenting :)

  29. Llama Mama! It appears a good time was had by all - well, except for Emma. I really enjoyed the video, nice touch.