3 Apr 2008

The results are in!

Well in a recent post, two posts down, I asked you what the next topic should be for my second British Speak post Read it here.
If you missed the first British Speak post, then read it by following this link click here. As you can tell the first British Speak post I did was just a bit of fun. In which I fitted in as many British slang words as I could, mostly in the right context.
This time round I wanted to get a certain topic so I could make up a little story and use slang words relevant to that specific topic.

If you look at the lovely pie chart, guess what ruddy topic I got stuck with! Perverts!

So I am now working on my 'Horny' post, I know you cant wait to see what I come up with.


  1. See, I'm not even a pervert! That's not to say I won't read this "horny" post...

  2. What would you expect? Internet porn isn't a goldmine for nothing.

  3. I can't wait!! LOL.

  4. I'd be more scared of one pervert, then a group of them. :p

  5. Just to be sure. You are not writing about the goats of london are you? You know "horny"

  6. Oh, geez Louise, this is bound to make us all blush proper!

  7. I would have expected Mad/Loony to be a larger percentage of that pie. It was Willy that pushed it out of the running, wasn't it?

  8. @Jillian I think you will definitely read the post and then terrorize your hubster with all the words :)

    @.45 I expected more from my readers!

    Okay I didnt really :)

    @Monique, have your husband at hand, haha!

    @Chica, I think you could kick pervert arse :P

    @ettarose, DAMN IT!

    @amazing gracie, prepare to blush right proper :)

    @Jenn, Ha! My mad loony post will have to wait till next time :)

    It was either willy or beaver that swung it I think.

  9. Weeeeeeeeeeee...I can't wait for this post! I'm totally in the pervert glad I'm not alone. :)

    Just think Claire, you will be educating the we will have even more ways to express our "horniness"!

  10. I can't wait to have more ways to express being horny too! I'm horny already with anticipation.

  11. Claire, I know you won't let us down.

  12. I can't remember what I voted for, but it wasn't that one, hehe.

  13. Was there ever any doubt? Were there other choices? :)

  14. I'm quivering in my cups just thinkin' about it! ;)

  15. I am literally THROBBING with anticipation!

  16. I would've gone with drunk personally, as I imagine you're quite a fun person to get blitzed with - but horny is a nice consolation prize. :)

  17. Believe it or not sweet cheeks I voted for loony, strange huh.

  18. @DiamondDigger calm yourself dear, save yourself for the post :)

    @.45, that scares me, a little.

    @marmelade I hope not :)

    @Alison, hmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    @pit, you are cheeky :)

    @Olga, I can feel it.

    @Lord Likely, a very apt choice of words.

    @kdawg, horny is only a consolation prize? heh.

    @trukingdog you shall have to be disappointed then :)