31 May 2008

And the award goes to.....

I am bloody awful at making decisions and want everyone to be a winner, but like the highlander, there can be only one! Hey I liked that film before anyone says anything.
I tried to stick with what made me laugh the most, using strict guidelines such as lmao, pimp, rofl and lol. So without further ado I shall announce the winner.

The Winner is Kai! She was trying to horrible about my teeth but as its my sister and not me in the picture, that just made it funnier (Sorry to my sister and her teeth). So let me know what you want in your doodle and I will try not to be too horrible in it.

Nobody loses with me,its just that you have not quite achieved the high status of making me rofllmaopimplol yet.

Gold star = Nissa was pretty damn funny but no biscuit this time, it was bloody close though!

Silver star = Thriftcriminal if only he had said 'pot of gold' :)

Bronze star= For the best llama tongue inspired caption, there were quite few but tazdog pipped you to the post.

Special award= Most likely to score with Llama
Adrian! Which is better than scoring a creationist/dinosaur I suppose :)

Thank you for all being inspired by llama shagging and snogging.

Mr.GorillaSushi aka Jason needs some thanks for putting this together although only three people joined this time, with the carnival I mean, not my little caption thing.
I know lots of you love doing caption contests!
Read this post Carnival of Captions and think about joining in on the next one. You make up your own rules in regards to prizes, length of time for caption contest etc.

Want to do it again sometime?
(the caption contest)


  1. Congratulations Kai - great caption!

  2. I think this contest was rigged! I demand a recount. Oh, wait a minute...I didn't enter. Okay then, congrats, Kai! It was a funny caption.

  3. Kai's is purdy good, but mine was better.. LOL I kid.. I kid. Whenever I've tried caption things, no one jumps on it. Of course, I don't have a picture of me making out with a llama. :p

  4. well since i love kai, okay. but i still feel like i won. where is my prize red? ha ha ha ha ha

    smiles, bee

  5. @akelamalu, Try harder next time and I am sure your breath does not smell :)

    @Tisha, It was rigged so I could do a horrid doodle about kai,lol!
    Not really, it just made me laugh the cheeky cow that she is.

    @Chica, Yours was pretty damn good and also very good advice :)
    I am not sure why the caption contests prove popular one minute and then bomb the next. I suppose that goes for normal posts as well. I bet you have a bunch of funny pics!

    @Empress Bee, I think you set up the best line and then others were inspired, so in that way you won :)

  6. Even tho I read the original post, I didn't realize the "contest" part of it until just now upon reading the winner. DAMN! I would have tried being witty..... next time. Promise.

  7. Congrats to Kai! I knew mine was lame, so I didn't think I would win anything. Participating is the best part. :) We get to see what nasty things are said to you. LOL I wonder if doing a caption contest for my family pictures would garner any participants....hmmm.

  8. @Petra, put the wine down! :)

    @Carol, Hey it wasn't lame at all. Hang on you want people to be mean to me? Yours SUCKED! lol.

    It makes it funnier to me using photographs of the sister, she might not agree :)

    Why don't you give it a whirl :)

  9. Yay me!! :-)

    But now I feel terrible that I made fun of your poor sister! Of course, I'm sure she'll understand, since I was going on the assumption that it was YOU. Ha!

    Now for my doodle... hmmm... how about a doodle of the beach bitches in Rhode Island?

    (Did you just call me a cheeky cow?)

  10. HAHAHA! Great caption.
    Oh yeah, and.....I am ON MY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Yay to the weiners! Boo, because I didn't win!

    Let's do this again...

  12. wow...thanks for the award!

    Can I get that Llamma's number?

  13. @Kai, Heather cried when I told her, your a bitch! hahaha.

    Consider the doodle done (erm it will be done soonish)

    (yes I did)

    @Olga, I CANT WAIT!!!! :)

    @random chick, I loved yours! you can win next time :)

    @adrian, if you praise Jebus, you can have Heather and the llamas number :)

  14. about no praying and heather's number?

  15. @adrian, sorry no can do and I give you a f- for that comment.