16 Jun 2008

The sun is shining

While the weather is nice, I legged it outside and snapped a few photographs.
Now I am back inside looking after the cyborg/monster/mum and trying to do a bit of college work. It will probably piss down when I actually have some proper free time.

Finally found out the flowers name, it's ARMERIA Nifty Thrifty - Dwarf Sea Thrift or Sea Pink.
Its now the official blog flower of my blog chum Jenn found here Another nifty thrifty.


  1. You do some really nice floral photography.

    I think you said you also had a Canon Powershot, right? I love mine. It's closeup capability is so wonderful for our floral friends like these.

  2. Glad you got some fresh outdoors time. Hope your mum is doing well.

  3. You'll get lots of sun to enjoy eventually! Pretty flowers!

  4. NICE photo! :) I've sent in my request for continued nice weather!!!

  5. Oh. Very pretty (as usual, with your floral shots!).

    The season is just getting started. There will still be time to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and nice weather.

    I hope your mum continues to improve.

  6. @jenn, why thank you :)
    Yep I have a Canon Powershot A630., it is an awesometriffic camera.

    @melissa, Thanks I got about 5 minutes in the sunshine, so I am dragging out the extension cord and sitting out all day tomorrow. It will probably rain :( The mum is doing really well, thanks for asking :)

    @michelle, I really hope so! Thanks :)

    @Olga, Thank you! and your request better work :)

    @Hayley, Thanks for the lovely compliment :) I think I am just grumpy today :)

  7. claire - ignore my email. I sent it before reading the comments. I am slow that way.

    Anywhooo... great shot of the flower. Is it your garden or did you tiptoe on someone elses?

  8. @petra, too late I answered you, I can't ignore a question like that!

    Thanks :)

    Yep its my/the folks garden, taken in the nice corner. I will post some more shots of the garden this week.

  9. The flowers are beautiful Red. Piss down is quite a way to put that it will rain like cats and dogs. Bwahahahahaha. I'm glad you are getting your studies done. Have a great day. :)

  10. Gorgeous shot! Now I feel horrible because I haven't been blogging for awhile and now I find out about your poor mum! I'm glad she's doing so wel and I might add, your "doodles" are really turning into fine art!

  11. Nice flower shots Claire, sorry about your mum, I hope it doesn't piss down to bad!

  12. @sandee, Thanks sandee :) It looks like its about to piss down right now, just when I was about to sit out and work in the garden.

    @gracie, Hey don't worry about it, I know your thoughts are there whether you knew about it or not :) Thanks for the doodle compliments :)

    @roger, Thanks roger! The mum is doing much better than expected actually, so fingers she stays that way. At least the flowers will get a good watering if it does piss down bad :)

  13. Beautiful flower photo!!! How cool you manage to find some free time with your college studies. They can run you ragged. You know how to balance your life and that is key to future success.

    Beautiful blog and super personality.

    JJ :D

  14. Claire, you've become a real "flower child." I am really enjoying all of your flower photos, including this one.


  15. Thanks for your post, hiking isn't my thing either. But i can definatly see the appeal, part of my love for fishing is getting out amongst nature. it's only a small amount of time i'll undo a bit of that nature. a mans gotta eat

  16. Hmmm...I have those in my front flower bed too. But I have always called them sea pinks. :) No matter, they are just so pretty! We had sunshine and blue skies here yesterday, and now it is back to overcast and threatening to rain. Oh joy and rapture...not.

  17. Hey Claire!

    I've been gone for a few days and am just catching up...hope your cyborg Mum is doing well and not taking over your household appliances any more...OMG! Your nephews are so frickin' cute! I would spoil the crap out of them if they were my nephews...

    Lovely flower photos as usual. I'm going to keep pestering you until you enter your flower photos in some kind of contest. You'll thank me later.

    BTW, swing by my blog when you get a chance, I'm having a Caption Contest and there's a reward!!!

    Whoo hooo!

  18. Great shot. You sound like me. I'd only been able to take yard pics until yesterday. But sometims it's great discovering your own yard. :-)

  19. @JJ, alas I am way way behind in my college work, but I am getting on top of it now at last :)
    Thanks for such lovely words :)

    @boobie, Thanks for yet another great compliment, I have really enjoyed taking the photographs I just wish I had found that macro button sooner :)

    @bigandyt, you keep the fishing and I will keep the hiking, just take some pretty photographs whilst your out enjoying nature :)

    @Carol, your right about the sea pinks, I forgot to add that :)
    Its already been raining here, buggers :(

    @Random, cyborg mum is doing great, I am taking photos of the implantation site/scar tomorrow to gross everyone out :)

    Nephews are indeed frickin cute :)

    Keep on pestering about the flower photographs :)

    @2sweetnsaxy, your so right about discovering the yard/garden its full of potential photographs :)

  20. Your photo is nice. Would you believe that dwarf sea thrift also grows here too? The similarity in climate is no doubt why so many Brits chose to live on the big island in Victoria.

    I live on a smaller island that technically gets less rain than either Victoria or Vancouver do but it's been a wash out new year so far. It rains here all winter for months on end and this spring (almost summer) but it's still freaking wet. If I were rich I'd be heading for the desert for some high and dry sunshine. :(

  21. @timethief, That's interesting, you will have to take some photographs for me :)

    Oh that's awful about the rain! You can't do anything about it either. I like rainy weather actually, just not all of the bloody time. I certainly couldn't live in a desert, I need to see green :)

    Sending a cyber umbrella your way :)