20 Jun 2008

When cyborgs go wrong..

Meh, the mum/cyborg has just gone back to the mother ship/hospital to use their regeneration chamber. You guessed it, she went after my toaster and I was forced to take direct action.
I said she would be trouble now didn't I!

Okay that might not have actually happened, but its damn close in a totally non realistic way. If you want the boring version I will give it you. The wound from the surgery has become inflamed and there is a slight amount of seepage. That means she/it needs IV antibiotics quick! So they have recalled her for a supposed short amount time. I have provided a handy diagram to illustrate my point more clearly.

*Click it to see it in more gruesome detail*

Update: at 01:46 I received a text/cybernetic message from the mum/borg that she had just got a bed on the surgical ward, had xrays, blood tests and they are just about to hook her up on the IV antibiotics.

Update 2: They decided not to put the mum/borg on IV after all, as her blood work came back okay, they are 'monitoring' her closely for the next few days.

For those new to the story of the mum/borg follow the link to all mum related posts:
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  1. oh god, ouch.


  2. Ack! Poor Mum! Good thing they are keeping on top of any infection. Tell her that her leg is all over the Internet. THAT will make her feel better, right? VBG

  3. Seepage is bad. I'm a hospital transcriptionist, which is practically like being an actual doctor, so I know these kind of things :P So glad she is going in to get IV drugs.

  4. They'll have her tuned up and her oil changed in no time.

    But in the mean time, like Monique said: OUCH!

  5. Ok so that gruesome detail was totally lacking. I expect a doodle with puss in overabundance to make up for it.

  6. If they had used Duct Tape it wouldn't be leakin.

    I hope they get cymumborg fixed right up :)

  7. Yeah, Claire...where's all the puss and ooey, gooey stuff?
    Your poor mum! I bet she'll be glad to get all of this behind her...

  8. As long as there's no fish in the seepage, I'm sure everything will be fine. Wait, does this mean more piss bags?

  9. Ewww seepage.. glad that got her IV'd. Hope it's the last of her battles.

  10. It's probably some surgeon's watch that was left in the leg. Make sure your mum demands that anything they find that shouldn't be in there she gets to keep. While it's more likely to be a Timex than a Rolex on the NHS you never can tell for sure.

  11. I know how dangerous toasters can be. I've had a few run-in myself lately. Best to mum.

  12. Aw poor mum! I'm sure they'll get it sorted and she be back home before you know it.

  13. @monique, At the moment its not so much ouch, more urghhhh.

    @Carol, this is mum approved photograph, its not like I took it while she was asleep just to use it on my blog........

    @melissa, I find that the non doctors know a lot more in most cases :)

    @hayley, I think they will, but lets hope they don't rush it this time.

    @mo,yep poor mum, just forget about my poor toaster why dont you.

    @petra, if I could of filmed the surgery for you I would of. No seepage as this was pre infection.

    @trukindog, yep they didn't use duct tape, the bloody idiots!

    @gracie, how gruesome of you! The photo was taken before the infection had hit. I will hunt out someone in the hospital and photograph their goo if you like?

    @.45, there might just be more piss bags if she is confined to the bed area! here's hoping!
    (okay not really, jeez)

    @chica, ewwww indeed it was also mad hot. I hope its her last one for a while at least.

    @Mark, if its a rolex I am keeping it, then I sing that song :)

    @dr.rob, I dread to think what you tried to do to a toaster? sounds scary :) Thanks for your best to the mum.

    @akelamalu, I think the mum and I expected it so she is not too pissed off. She should be home pretty sharpish.

    @lady banana, Aww thanks me too, I will know more in a bit when the dad gets back from visiting.

  14. Hope Mum gets better quickly.

    BTW, I understand your attachment to your toaster. I devoted a blog site to mine. :)

    Never come between a person and their toast.

  15. Wow. Your mom has been through it all. I feel sorry for her. Truly. I read through all the operations, piss bag complications and so on and was overwhelmed. The cartoons are a nice touch, too. ;)

  16. Ow ow ow ow ow!
    I hope your mum gets well soon.

    Consider this my get well card.


  17. I just read the previous posts about your mum...and I have to say she is a very brave lady and Claire, YOU are a very GOOD daughter!


  18. @da old man, Thanks Joe :) I know I could use the grill if the toaster bust but I am too lazy for that and its not the same.

    @kelly, Yep the mum has been through a lot, from a Brain tumour to bionic leg, lots of piss bags in between :) The cartoons ease the feeling of being overwhelmed :)

    @static, Thanks very much, the mum and I appreciate it :)

  19. @Olga, Don't ruin my reputation! :)

  20. Good look to your borg, I mean your Mom. I'm sure the IV antibiotics will fix her up pretty quick. I was just on the same for that bacteria on my leg. It is almost like a normal leg and I'm down to just taking pills now. No doubt she will heal up just as well.

    Disguise your toaster as something boring, like a small dog. That way she will leave it alone.

  21. I'm sure I typed good luck, not good look.

  22. @Laura, They gave her a short burst of IV antibiotics and that shorted the infection out. They are now just monitoring her other levels.

    Yeah she would leave a small dog alone, she doesn't like them :)