23 Jul 2008

Frickin Evil captors revealed!

The cruel bastards have sent photographic evidence that they have Olga to Olga's Blog mistress, see here.
The two Willy's have managed to get some more video footage and photographs.

What now? Maybe these can help?

Forget the first puny fembots!
Look who is coming to Olgas aid!


  1. Obviously, the doings of a sick sick mind....

  2. Goof grief! Send in the fembots.

  3. you crack me up!! I love fat bastard!

  4. You know, in my defense (lol) those toys are very real looking ... especially from that angle.

  5. Help is on the way !!!

  6. If I had a Willy I could send him in as a negotiator .......

  7. Verry groovy, baby. I just hope Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard don't have Goldmember on their side.

    Somehow I suspect he'd look a lot like Willy but bronzed.

  8. Fembots will prevail!!!! Unless you and The Willys have a better idea of course....

  9. Images of The Willys beating Evil down...kind of a double meaning. Still wondering if he'd like it or not.

  10. @Olga, tell me about it! Very sick indeed!

    @timethief, they are gathering their armies right now.

    @Erika, Ha! I am glad I do (I think). I also love fat bastard (but shhhhhhh he is evil!)

    @Drowsey Monkey, tell that to my bedside drawer.....

    Of course they are real looking..........

    @MedStudentWife, thank goodness!!!!!!! She needs all the help she can get.

    @crazy working mom, yeah!

    @Daddy Papersurfer, gosh I wish you had one.

    @Jenn Thorson, UH OH!! was that an idea you just put in my head? ................

    @Redbeard76, I think it was stolen, not lost, the evil bastards.

    @Olga, the Traveling Bra, how could the evil captors survive against a fembot like that?

    @JohnC, Are you trying to suggest that I was and am somehow trying to be rude? How dare you sir!

  11. This is the big news of the blogoshpere!
    The story just keeps getting wilder. Fem-bots all over Hollydale!!!!!!!!!!

  12. @speedy, Olga gets everyone in a flutter! I am pretty sure you are loving the fem-bots though :)

  13. Sadistic maniacs! We could mount a rescue mission?

  14. This is not funny. This is dead serious.