22 Jul 2008

Oh noes! Olga is bra napped.

Olga likes to go missing a lot, so when she disappeared again I wasn't that worried.
I thought Daddy P must of had a doodle crisis again or 70steen had cracked open another bottle of wine.
Then I received this!

As soon as I received it I phoned the police, but they hung up on me! Not before giving me a severe telling off about wasting police time, the buffoons! Willy went into mad rage, so Evil Willy and him have gone off to search for her. Luckily I had some spy gadgets knocking around, so I should get some video footage beamed to me, as and when they get some.
Olga certainly brings drama wherever she goes!

Update just beamed in!


  1. Oooh spy footage. I'm waiting with baited breath. Here's hoping Olga makes it out with her elastic still springy and her underwires intact.

  2. Bras, they can be such a bother sometimes.

  3. Oh ... I guess if you're taking up a collection to save her I'll contribute. Sheesh.

    I have a looney ... or a tooney.

  4. Whoever kidnapped her must not be that hurting for money. One million dollars doesn't buy what it used to, you know. I hope you guys find Olga. My boobs need help!

  5. Now there's a bastard who could use likes of Olga... Poor Olga!

  6. Ok I'm a little disturbed. 1. because you have a fat bastard doll and 2. because willy was playing between his legs......

  7. Oh no! Is that Fat Bastard?

    Why would someone bra nap Olga? I'm saddened by today's society, really!

  8. what the heck is that video? Is that a chicken between that guys legs? Why do I always think I see chickens on your blog? They're never chickens!

    He's scary!

  9. I've been studying the ransom note. There is a large proportion of Gothicy typefaces. Dispatch your Willys to the Monastery post haste!! or the Nunnery or the Goth Revival Festival .......

  10. Claire, dear - you are an original! It's too bad Monty Python isn't around anymore. You could get rich writing scripts for them...
    p.s. Tell the mum I said "hello."

  11. Bottle of wine ??? I have had to unlock the wine cellar (had to resort to locking it when Olga stayed!! .. such a lush)

  12. @Melissa, it was risky getting this footage!

    @Drowsey Monkey, she can be a bother, what's a looney or a tooney?

    @Random, hopefully we can save your boobs in time!

    @Redbeard76, you spotted the moobs too?

    @petra, its not me! its evil captors captured on spy footage.

    @crazy working mom, it might just be! society is on a downward spiral!

    @Drowsey Monkey, you and your bloody chickens!

    @Daddy Papersurfer, Your bloody good.

    @Amazing Gracie, well people have said I am 'unique'

    @70steen, tell me about it, before she got napped I caught her with the meths.

  13. A looney is what we call our Dollar Coin and a Toonie is the 2 dollar coin. We're WEIRD!

    It's called a looney because there's a loon on it (you know, the bird, not a loony person)

    Then when the 2 dollar coin came out it had a bear on it ... but that didn't matter, we all call it a toonie. LOL Cracks me up.