28 Jul 2008

This blog is currently recovering from.....

I am tired, I searched in too many pubs for Olga.

Did I manage to rescue her?


I am going head to head with DE and FB, they are making all sorts of crazy demands. This hostage negotiation stuff is hard work. What do I have in excess that they or at least FB could really want?

What would Olga suggest?

In the meantime read the hard hitting interview I did with the lovely Haley from The Beacon (she writes rude books!).

Read it here: Hard hitting interview.

More exciting stuff heading this way soon! (ish)


  1. She's fine ....... probably [young people nowadays - no sense of responsibility .... tsk] ..... have you looked in your drawers?

  2. I think you had a wonderful time in all those pubs and totally forgot to look for Olga. That's just what I think. Bwahahahahahaha. Study Red. :)

  3. it depends, we're you seeing double straps?

  4. I felt sure you would find her propping up a bra some where in the 'pool!!!!

  5. I think it's wonderful how you tried your very bestest (or is that breastest) to find her ... all that drinking probably helped too ;)

  6. What do you have in excess? You mean, besides alcohol in your bloodstream? The answer is as clear as the moustache on Evil Willy's face!

  7. I knew you'd sacrifice everything, even your own health, to get Olga back.

    Thanks for the plug on the interview. Now I wish I'd made my answers more rude. :)