15 Aug 2008

Friday Thingamabobs 2

Whoot its another Friday Thingamabobs!
but by the time this is posted I have a feeling it will in fact be nearly Saturday, at least in my neck of the woods, but I will change the time so you will never know! mwhahahaha. Unless I am daft enough to write out my evil plan, but that would never happen.......

What I was doing a year ago today on this blog.
Running around getting stuff ready for my trip to Italy, I like to leave things to last minute, as mentioned here in Mission Accomplished and here when I finally Got Off My Arse. Then there was just time to show my Bottom in Wordless Wednesday.

What have I done this week.
Now did I actually achieve anything that I set out to do last week? Whose bloody idea was it to set out a plan? Oh mine, what a stupid idea! I should know by now that me and plans are not comfortable bed fellows.
Major news of the week
This shouldn't be a feature every week, as the stress would in fact kill me.This week it actually coincides with a mumborg update, I should of known that she would do anything to get back into my blog (she is evil).This time she decided to leave the bionic leg alone and went for a dislocation of the shoulder. Not just a partial dislocation, a full 'pop' out that looks disgusting kind of dislocation. Normally, although there is nothing normal about the mumborg, she can put it back herself. This time the pain was too great and an ambulance had to be called. It was 2 am at the time and guess who had to go in the fun bus with her? Yep muggins. Fast forward a few hours after xrays and blood pressure checks, they finally manipluated the thing back in. I got to be part of the fun by holding the gas and air. They could of provided morphine but where's the fun in that, also using morphine slows down recovery time. In the end they wouldn't let her leave straight away without a physio assessment so I got home at 7am. There is always a bright side aint there? In this case she gets to see an orthopaedic surgeon a lot faster, nest Friday in fact, woot? Other than that little incident, the mumborg is doing really well.

What else?
1. The hoover arrived, but it needs to be used.
2. Doodle Week blog was updated thanks to Laura.
3. Got my CDoodle entry in just about.

I would just like to say a BIG THANK YOU  to all my regular readers and commenter's, even to you ruddy lurkers. I have not been the most interactive blog host in the last few weeks, but I do read all your comments and lurk away in your feeds.

What will I be doing?
Can I just post the list from last week?
1. To dye or not to dye that is the question?
Or more accurately should I do it myself or get the hairdresser to do it.
2. Take over the world! I failed miserably last week.
3. COLLEGE WORK! Writing it in capitals makes it more likely that I will do it (yeah right).
4. More holiday preparations.

Who should you be doing?
1.BC as in Blog Catalog, it is far better than MyblogLog, I have harped on about it before to some of my blog buddies, but it really is a valuable blog tool.
2. See where Olga has bogged off too. It was not my fault she went missing! It was the ruddy Post Office.
3. The Lord has been messing with his ink blot and produced something or other.
4. I am personally worried on a daily basis about zombies, thank goodness for this! The Basics of Zombie Survival.

Same time, Same Place next week!


  1. Fracas found my ciggies...(shhhhhh! I told her they were yours...)

    Glad mumborg's shoulder has been relocated. I MISS YOU!!! xoxoxo

  2. I like lurking ...... somehow it seems to suit me ........

  3. Muggins?

    I'm glad your mom is doing better. Hugs to momborg! :) That word makes me laugh. My father used to say it ... he never swore but he would say that word for comic effect at times and it always made me laugh.

  4. claire, long time since we talked. Glad mumborg is better. Hurts like a bitch to have a joint put back the right way. Hope all is good.

  5. Sorry to hear about your mum but glad to hear she is doing better.

    I am jealous of your trip to Italy. Take LOTSANDLOTS of pics, k?

    And def let the hairdresser color your hair. Its so relaxing. Like a pedicure. Its always just better when someone else does it for you.

  6. oh, and thanks for the pucker. My arse liked it. :-)

  7. cripes your week was craxy! be well mumborg!

    I too enjoyed the arse kissing. :)

  8. Glad Mumborg is ok. Happy you are doing, well, better anyway. You can take over the world next week.