27 Aug 2008

What load of balls,

Yes American Football is played in the UK and my cousin plays for the Merseyside Nighthawks.
The weekend just gone was a bank holiday weekend, so I travelled up with my cousin to watch them play against a team in Glasgow, Scotland. Heather my younger sister also travelled down to spend the weekend, so the three of us where squished in one room. There were of course lots of cousin jokes because we shared a room with Matthew.
They unfortunately lost the game but are still division two champions, so yay for them.
Matthew my cousin is number 97 in the photos.
More photos are found here.

Want to know another reason why I went?
Eye Candy :)
(photo stolen from the team facebook page)


  1. Those football pants do wonders for the male backside. Yes. Lots of eye candy at a football game. :)

  2. Yes that sure is Eye Candy if I ever saw it!!

  3. awesome pics! I've always love the tight arses of football players! ;)

  4. I'm surprised they do play american football in the UK, especially in Glasgow!! All my family mentioned was soccer, uhm, excuse, which my Uncle is a big Celts fan. Amazing that it get's so bad, that the family banned customers from wearing team colours in the Pub due to fighting. But they mostly talked about rugby, which my cousin is a professionl Rugby player in Austraila. Unfortunately it was mid-season when I went over the pond, otherwise I would have been hangin with him in a more age-appropriate venue with some ladies!! LOL

  5. uhh what a strong hand to push up.

  6. Hmmm... lean something new every day. I tought you guys only did soccer (football). :) I Love the world wide web. I would have gone on with American text books continuing to think this.

  7. Eye candy indeed! :)

    Are you all packed and ready to go?!