27 Sept 2008

I'm Back! (well not really).

I hath returneth from my wicked awesome trip (American for jolly good holiday) and instead of regaling you with page upon page of tales, I am going to disappoint you. Not that I haven't got pages upon page of tales to regale you with, I just haven't the time or inclination to in fact regale you.

Yes yes I am an ungrateful wretch for those of you that have been waiting patiently with baited breath for me to ruddy post something. I think travelling about without a care in the world has afflicted me with that terrible bug called Cantbearseditis, which really means I have Holyshitloadstodosis, a much much graver condition.

Some folks suggested that I would just post a photo everyday (how did those crazy psychics read my mind!) but for now I am taking my time editing the 800000000000 (slight exaggeration) photographs I took and they will appear as and when.

I will probably change my mind again tomorrow and decide to write something longer, then change it back again and so forth. At the moment I am feeling overwhelmed with all the stuff I have to do, with college work, finding a counselling placement, reading lots and the list goes on.

Somebody call me a whaaaaaaaaaaaambulance, because I appear to whingeing already.

(I lied and included a doodle and photograph in this post, my bad)


  1. Gee, you're overwhelmed - I can't believe it! NOT!

    Were I you, I think I'd need at least a fortnight to recover from a journey such as yours so take your time, post pictures when you can, and if you don't feel like bloody well writing then just link people over to my blog - I don't mind the shameless promotion!

    Oh, and FYI - I miss your cheeky little Brit self! It's just not the same without you over here across the pond!

  2. Sounds like you had a fab time! I love that photo of the beach, my goodness...that's gorgeous!

  3. I shall wait patiently to see your pasta bazillion photos, but not forever. :)

    And when are you coming back to America? We miss you already.

  4. In your spare time...I think you should write a Dictionary of Claire-isms! Holyshitloadstodosis?!?
    That's PERFECT!!!

    Missed you & just glad you are back! And that photo is AWESOME!

  5. So nice to see that your hols have purified your mind and you're thinking clearly now .......

  6. My you have a busty doodle... Boobieisms are awesome!!!

  7. Welcome back. Missed your cheery little face. :)

  8. Cheerio Claire!! Nice to see you back around, just ease back into this bloggin' thing, no rush on anything except the important.

    Love that photograph, it's amazing.

  9. Linda's been filling us in, now we want your version! :)

  10. So glad to see you back. And that wicked awesome is not exactly an American thing. It's more or less regional, mostly Boston. Other Americans use it to make fun of things Bostony.

  11. welcome home from your travels. You survived jet lag and airports to once more sit in the sceptered Isle ... Enjoy getting back on the correct time clock.

  12. Sincererly glad you had a good trip and holiday, and I'll keep you posted as far as my plans for Scotland. I'd love to get together then for a pint or five...LOL

    Right then, I'll let you be for a while so you can catch up on the jet-lag. Cheers!!

  13. Your doodle cracked me up = looks like your luggage has air-holes in it!
    GREAT photo of the beach! I saw you take about 75,000 pics, so I can only imagine it will take a while to go thru 'em all!
    Glad to see you posting again!

  14. I am so happy to hear you made it back safely...

    And that picture is absolutely stunning.


  15. Glad to see you made it there and back, my friend! The plane in the background of your doodle looks to be on fire, though. The night time beach photo is awesome! :)

    I can't wait to hear about the trip when you get a chance!

  16. I'm not surprised you don't want to blog about it - where would you start? Sometimes real life is just too BIG to fit in a blog. The picture you included is brilliant though :)

  17. I can't believe you came to MY country and didn't see ME! That's like going to England and not seeing the Beatles.