29 Sept 2008

The trip part 1: Airports and Boston.

I am going to cheat and copy what I wrote on triptracker site because I am lazy. (If this is new to you, your lazy because you didn't read what I wrote at the time, heh). I have added a few titbits that never made it to the triptracker site and have included links to other peoples accounts of my trip.
September 2nd
Well I made it to the airport in plenty of time thanks to the dad, there were more security checks than there was back in April when I went to Hamburg. I managed to make it through without having to remove boots and belt, which then usually means flashing my arse as I put boots back on. This time I was lucky!
No delays at all waiting for Amsterdam flight, just took an age for them to announce what gate to go to. I bought some felt tips and colouring pencils to amuse myself, but ended up pacing about instead. You will be happy to know that I only squirted myself with one perfume sample instead of the usual twenty plus. I didn't want anyone having a allergy fit while sat next to me on the plane.
On the plane I scored a window seat and the KLM staff were probably the friendliest aircrew I have ever seen.
Arrived in Amsterdam in good time, but there was still a rush to get to the gate for Boston flight. Also would there be a enough time for my bag to get unloaded from Amsterdam plane and onto Boston plane?
I was asked loads of security questions at this airport, more than at Manchester. It sent me into panic mode, even though I have nothing to panic about (well expect for that donkey stuffed with...... just joking!)
As soon as questions were asked it was time to board flight for Boston. I thought I was going to be lucky and have no one sat next to me, but as it was the girl that eventually turned up didn't speak the whole flight.
Onto Boston! America here I come.
Touchdown in Boston, MA.
Flight was okay, no problems at all, apart from taking hours! The food was nice, we had loads of snacks, drinks and movies. I should of forced myself to go to sleep but was too excited. Not long before it was time for arrival we had to fill in visa and customs forms, which was a pain in the arse but has to be done. I also didn't go the toilet for the whole flight, I apparently have an extreme hardcore bladder.

On arrival you have to go through the added security stuff which frightened me a wee bit, but the bloke was nice (fit lol) and it was just a few simple questions and fingers scanned, photo taken via a webcam like camera. I also got my passport stamped for the first time woot! I got a little but excited over that. The customs bloke gave me the nod and let me go on my way. That was even after I insulted him too, luckily he thought I was funny when I feigned surprised that as an American he had a passport and had left the country (hehe). As soon as I got the luggage carousel my bag appeared woot! how lucky was that.

Mags was there waiting for me, with a bloody camera! but it was lovely getting met at the airport, especially after such a long flight.Then we headed to Mags apartment, I was excited to be in America and taking in all the sights through the window. The part of Boston that mags lives in is lovely, definitely has a university vibe, so we just dumped my bags in the apartment and went to grab a pizza and a beer. Pizza was yum and so was beer!

Then after a wander around the neighborhood we went back to the apartment and chatted till it was sleepy time.I lasted till 11:30 pm Boston time which was 4:30 am Claire time, so after being awake for nearly 24 hours I think I did bloody well.

Other notes: Temperature, hot and humid! thank god I am going clothes shopping.

September 3rd
Okay seriously why didn't anyone tell how hot it would be? Jesus Christ its fucking hot! and humid. Having to sleep with airconditioner on is an alien concept to me! Air conditioning usually means openinig the window over here. I mooched about today doing bugger all while Mags was at work, yes she actually trusted me enough to be left alone in her apartment.
Once she was home from work it was time to go out for a swanky meal, which you can read about here swanky meal. The food was fantastic and the owner thought I was Irish, I said that was near enough.

September 4th
It was another lazy day for me whilst mags was in work, so I became acquianted with the beyond god awful telly advertisements (free credit report man must die, seriously!). Then once the mags was home, it was time for clothes shopping, huzzah! I also picked up a hairdryer and a tracfone, I will post more on the tracfone in a future post.
Once back at the apartment it dawned on me that I hadn't sorted out my coach/bus ticket for onward journey to Philadelphia. After a lot of hassle it was eventually easier to just drive down to bus station and see what they said down there. It turned out that there would be a bus in a few hours so I opted to stay there and wait, even though it was a wee bit scary! Mags wrote a wee bit more here Ticket Confusion.

My tracfone could send text messages and receive calls, but wasn't actually receiving any texts. So did JD actually know I was arriving 4 hours early..............

More whenever!


  1. So it appears that staying with me for a few days did you some good as you actually strung more than 50 words together in a post! I am impressed and giving you a standing ovation (you just can't see me doing that!).

    Looking forward to the account of the rest of your journeys!

  2. Oh Crap Linda :) now your going to make her go back to one word sentences... #1 rule never draw attention to the hiding girl with the two willy's.... Bwahahahahahah

  3. *LOL* @ Okay seriously why didn't anyone tell how hot it would be? Jesus Christ its fucking hot! and humid.

    If you thought it was hot'd think you were in HELL if you came to Arkansas, USA!!

  4. Claire, if you'd been able to make it to my neck of the woods, you would've had temps in the high 90's but it's a "dry heat." It's a standard joke in the US. Our humidity ranges in the high teens - low twenties...
    I'm SO glad you had a good look at the states. I'm anxious to hear more and get your take on us "tanks."

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  6. Was gonna try and post a youtube video or photobucket image from a commercial, but I wasn't sure if html or embedded code would work in the comments section. HAHA, catchy tune isn't it??!!

    You gotta love the airport security and customs. I was tired off striping down for the searches, X-ray machines, and could of sworn my customs agent spoke Gaelic when I got off the plane in Glasgow!! Then again I hadn't heard a Scot accent since my Grandma passed some 10-15 years ago.

    Looking forward to the next post...

  7. i like your header! please visit my wordless wednesday.. its up already.. i will not be able to log in tomorrow (Oct 1, 2008)thats why i'm visitng all you guys today..
    My entries are here. and here

    Memory Filled
    Sweety tots

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  9. This is interesting. See, this is what blogging is supposed to be like. I'm going to try it. :)

  10. :) The funny part is: The day we walked around town we were having a cold front. :) Poor Claire!!

  11. I'm part Irish on my Father's side!

    Enjoyed your adventure so far! :)

  12. Claire, as I've kept pace with trhe excellent triptracker, I think I know what's coming!

  13. Hot and humid in Sept in Boston??? Shit girl are you a woos bag! At least you had about 70ish with 60% humidity. come to Augusta where its about 92 degrees with about 89% humidity. I feel no pity for you.

    So where did you get pizza?? Huhuh? Did I mention I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE Boston and that it is my most favorite city in the whole wide world????

  14. LOL, I remember the first time I stepped off the plane when we moved to the usa. It was so hot I thought my lungs were burning. Never felt heat like that before. What I couldn't get used to was the burning heat outside and the shops were like ice boxes with the air conditioning on full blast.

    Fun reading about your experiences :)

  15. I loved your comments about Boston, you were only about an hour away from me!

    And yes, the heat can be unbearable sometimes, but just feel lucky you didn't come in the winter....the cold and snow is so much worse!!

    I can't wait for more of the story!