1 Oct 2008

College Notes for today (October 1st)

College notes: I am trying to be a good munchkin and keep a record of what I have studied. This probably wont make sense to anybody else, but feel free to have a read.
Relaxation techniques, what works for you? (me)?
* Doodling, colouring in, music, a hot bath or shower, walking, good book (easy read), lame/cheesy movie, cup of tea/coffee.
Suggested things: (for both in a counselling session and for home).
1. Deep Breathing.
2. Gentle exercises
3. Light a candle.
4. Listen to music,tapes.
5. If your working with children they find it hard to relax and focus on deep breathing, so blowing bubbles is a good way to get them to concentrate on their breathing technique (what else works?).

I told my tutor that next week I will bring in my two Didgeridoos, that's right I have not one but two of them! It should be useful in the deep breathing exercises and learning how to breath from the abdomen. Try not to laugh too much at the thought of counselling students having a whirl on the didgeridoo, I have yet to mention whale music and chimes.

Notes: Look up various breathing exercises, guided imagery and other relaxation techniques. Using journals, articles, websites etc.
Watched video about CBT and interventions you can use:

The first scenario was a woman talking about going into a job appraisal meeting, in which she thought it was just going to be one to one with her manager. It turned out to be her manager and the person that was going to be taking over his job.

Automatic Negative Thoughts:
Wrong footed!
Two people instead of one.
Perform and prove herself instead of an informal chat.
She left the meeting feeling frustrated and annoyed with herself, wishing that she had been more assertive. Was she the only employee that been subjected to this?
What would you do differently?

The second scenario:
A woman talks about feeling like the odd one out in a circle of friends, she feels like she is not really liked by the other women. This upsets her a lot and she is not sure what to do about the situation.
As this is a CBT approach of counselling, a thought record was used.
An example can be found here. Thought Record PDF.

Feelings from today's lesson: For use in Personal Journal in college portfolio.
Its hard getting back into the swing of things and to be honest the last thing I wanted to do was research stuff in the library and then watch a video. How is this different from what I could do at home? I am not saying that its wasn't an informative video but as I had missed the first part, I wasn't sure what exactly was happening. So I am annoyed at myself for not speaking up and asking what I had missed whilst on holiday.
The class seems very small now since lins has left and a few people were missing, so it still feels like we haven't really started this term. When I say 'we' I mean me, its really time to get focused.

Important Note: Do you blog about Mental Health issues? If so check out the new Mental Health Blogging Directory created by Bradley from How is Bradley?.Please have a look and spread the word about this directory, its an invaluable tool.
Interesting sites found:
No more panic . : A site full of hints,tips, stories and support.
Will be adding more relaxation type sites, when I tackle this subject again.


  1. Okay, I admit it, I'm lost - two posts in one day from you is just way too much for me! Obviously a little piece of me rubbed off on you whilst you were visiting if you're going to start doing two posts in one day!

    Oh, and despite the fact that it may look to be the contrary, I oftentimes feel like the odd one out; I just don't show it. Believe it. Or not.

  2. Did I ever tell you that I am a certified handwriting analyst? Interesting to see your handwriting, but I am not judging you. LOL Just kidding. (I really am a CGA).

  3. Veddy interesting Claire, one should wonder about thy doodle habits, and whether doodling instead of studying is good for you. LOL I kid. :)

  4. I blog and I'm insane - does that count?

    Love the question mark next to your doodle boobs!

  5. I don't find burning candles relaxing at all. Maybe it's cause I have asthma and don't like something that burns oxygen and has a lot of scent. I used to have a pot you could put on the stove and let it simmer with lemon or vanilla, real lemon which had the scent but not that sickly cloying scent that gave me allergies.

  6. :) Your ooodles of doodles are awesome! :)

  7. I am off to check out the no more panic site since I do have panic attacks and anxiety issues... I am very interested in this notes thing your doing. I think I will be able to use some of these tools.. Thanks for sharing.

  8. @Linda, yes I am now a windbag because of you! :) I will be writing more about automatic negative thoughts, so I think you will be interested in that.

    @Carol, feel free to analyse mine! That would be fascinating and I would love it.

    @Chica, I would worry about it all the time and it makes me doodle more, hehe.

    @Jean-luc, that I am nutty mcnuts?

    @Mo, That made me bloody laugh you bugger! I am always questioning the doodle boobs.

    @Laura, your definitely right that its has to be the right scented candle, I do love stinky ones though and love incense too.

    @Crazy working mom, Awww thanks! I love them too much.

    @Callie, I will definitely be covering that subject more and if you have any questions about anything in particular I would be happy to have a go at answering them.

  9. I have never heard of a digerydoo or however you spell it outside of Australia. Is that legal? And it would seem to be hardly relaxing. Shooting Welshfolk would be more relaxing, no?

  10. Speaking of relaxation methods, have you tried golf? It can be quite refreshing being out on the golf course with the fresh air and nature, while allowing pent up stress and frustrations to be taken out on a little white ball. Or in my case, the ground, a bench, the golfcart, a tree or whatever inanimate object I feel needs a 3 iron wrapped around it for hitting a lousy tee shot!! HAHA

    As far as my last post, I suppose I should have referred to cricket, rounders, Celtics/Rangers futbol, Benny Hill, and Monty Python and the flying circus... >8-)

    Take care luv, cheers!

  11. I like your doodles...I wish I could do good doodles. I just end up with spider webs in the corner of the page or rockets flying up the margin...