26 Oct 2008

Smashing Pumpkins (yeah boobs again)

Its day two of October's Doodle Week and today the theme is Pumpkins.
I love pumpkins, they are just smashing.

now has its own home, click the image to visit and join in the fun.


  1. Your punkins are ALMOST as smashing as mine! :)

  2. What happens to them after Halloween? Do they turn into some other kind of vegetable?

  3. Hehe great doodle, though they look pretty evil!

  4. I think I will refrain from carving my pumpkins ... ;-)

  5. One looks happier than the other!

  6. Oh man, busted! Guess I'll quit "just reading the comments". heheehe

    Very cute doodle Claire. The one looks rather angry -- guess I'd be a little angry too if I had something stuck in my nose. :D

  7. Hello Claire

    Thank you for your feedback on my latest creation, thought I would pop over here and see what you blog about.

    I'm a big fan of doodles you defo have some interesting and amusing sketches on here :)


  8. That's another good name for them!

  9. I just heard about this from Olga this morning. A minute ago I just told my husband what we were going to do.

    You know, paper on the wall, body paint, and then smash.

    He has always doubted that any of us bloggers are sane. Now he is convinced that we are completely nuts.

    But this is a good cause and I am going to try my best to contribute. I don't know if my scanners work and I can't doodle worth a flip.

    But I would like to do this.:-))))

  10. What a super way to show pumpkins!!
    Just like the masks in theatre,the smile & frown. Can't wait to see your Monsters ;)
    Purrs Mickey

  11. Very good! But boobies should never be sad. ;o)