14 Dec 2008

So about that list......

Well 'things' conspired against me and my list! The 'things' mainly being lack of sleep and shitty bloody migraines. At the moment I just want to head butt the computer and then sleep for a thousand years.
Builders are not dead, it was close, but the rain finally got rid of them on Friday. Unfortunately the new neighbours are now on the death list. As they decided to carry on the build work over this weekend, ALL weekend! I thought I had lost track of what day it was, when I heard the walls getting bashed. Alas my chocolate advent calendar was not messing with me. It was the weekend and they fucking ruined it! Not that I am bitter over it, not at bloody all.
Some good news, I actually did all the washing that needed doing. Alas I can't do any more, as washing machine totally floods the kitchen now. It was only mini floods before, so hopefully I don't run out of pants before it gets sorted. So I really need to call plumber now, because of aforementioned washing machine bollocks and possible lack of pants.
I have added this little widget thing to my internet browser to torture myself with, its called reminderfox. You add it to your firefox browser and then input all the things you need/want to be reminded of. Its like having a nagging mother installed into your internet browser and also probably the reason i want to headbutt the computer. Its actually useful and easy to use.Whether I do the things it keeps reminding me to do, is another matter. I was going to list all the things that I have put in it, but that would be bloody boring to read (also depressing for me).


  1. Bollocks--another of my favorite elements of the British vocabulary of profanity, along with wanker, bloody 'ell, poofter, gash, and so many others.....

    Anyway, that gadget does sound like a clever new way to make your life more miserable....I'm thinking about getting one that simply points out my inadequacies...but, then, my own mind probably does that just well and consistently enough....

  2. Bollocks is one of my very favourite words, that and diaphanous... diaphanous bollocks.. um..anyway.. :D

    Migraines are horrible, I get em when I get really stressed, ohhhh bollocky things.

    We have a man next door, he loves his masonry drill. He loves it so much he used it for a year, apparently while suffering from insomnia. I got the niggling feeling that he had nothing left to drill into eventually.... and funnily enough a few days later he drilled right through.... into *our* house. Lol !! The hole is still there. *Rolls eyes*.

    I have a small squeeking creature who pulls on my trousers and reminds me of things. She follows me everywhere as well, god help me. (That and my funny vista widget).

    Good luck doing in the neighbours ;)

  3. hum, think I will skip the reminder fox, I have one in me head and its a right nag.

    You know I have been getting ice pick migraines lately, haven't had them for years. I agree with using the word bollocks to describe em", a poxy bollocks on migraines I say.

  4. Oh No! Migraines are The Worst. Seriously.

    Here's hoping you feel better soon!

  5. Good Lord, woman, if it's not one bloody thing over there it's another! At one point do you get a break from all of the crap that you've been on the receiving end of??

    Don't head-butt the computer, it will only make the migraine worse and as for sleeping for 1,000 years, that might be great but think of everything you'll miss and the horrendous crick you'll have in your neck when you awaken! Not to mention the morning breath ... ew!!!

  6. If you tell the plumber you have no pants, he may come over quicker.

  7. Sounds like you need to quit while you're behind. *sympie hugs* Hope things get better soon.
    That reminder thing sounds good. I had something similar built into my old Tandy computer. Not sure why Windows doesn't have the same. Damned handy, that was!

  8. You poor sweet kiddo! I hate the migraine monsters - one of my girls inherited them from me as I did from my mom. Can you take Imitrex?
    Seems to help - along with hot peppers. It's the capsacien (sp!!!) in them - the hotter, the better. But then you burn a big hole in your gut. Pick your poison, I guess.

  9. I absolutely love it when I hear the word bollocks. Does it mean balls?