19 Dec 2008

Wholebake 9bar, a rather tasty bite

This is NOT a paid review, I signed up to do some product testing over at Fuel My Blog and got these seed bars to try. So I can say that they are bloody awful or bloody amazing or something in-between, depending on the all important taste test.
Here is a diagram of the complicated process of product tasting......

More about the product I will be taste testing.
Sunflower seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Carob topping, Honey, Raw cane sugar, All vegetable margarine, Dehulled hemp seeds (3%), Sesame seeds, Poppy seeds.
9bar is surely a play on the hemp seed content. Hemp seed bars! I will be stoned (okay maybe not).

Would I recommend it?
Well I was looking forward to totally slating a product, unfortunately not this time. I am not a breakfast eating kind of person, but this could be compromise. Other cereal/seed bars have a tendency to taste like sawdust and be overly sweet. Being sweet is not a problem for everyone, but if you have no real sweet tooth and slightly sensitive teeth, it is. A couple of well known brands of cereal/seed bars have been so sweet and dry, that I couldn't finish the bar. The 9bars mix of seeds and carob topping, give it just the right amount of sweetness to compliment the nutty texture/taste of the seeds. Seeds that taste like nuts, sounds nuts but that's the best way I can describe it. Even if I don't break the habit of a lifetime in regards to eating breakfast, I will definitely be adding it to my hiking kit. When I am off hiking, its the only time I know I really should have something to eat for energy. So the Original 9bar gets three thumbs up from me, I am not mutated, I just really like them.
Here is their website for lots more information WHOLEBAKE

They have lots of other things in their product range, wouldn't it be awful if they were to send me even more free stuff to eat, I mean review..... Seriously I would hate it.......... Its not like they already have my address..

Does the hemp seed content intrigue you? Would it put you off? 


  1. Funny, I always thought of hemp seeds as things to be gotten rid of, so they wouldn't explode when lit....

    I mean, people I know--though of course didn't know well, since I only hang out with decent law abiding folks--who smoked the devil weed with roots in hell told me that....I certainly know nothing of the subject from personal experience...nothing at all.....

  2. I am intrigued.....they sound great! :) How do you do 3 thumbs up though???

  3. I am not really big on breakfast either!

  4. Hi Claire
    Thanks for your positive comments about 9bar, I run Wholebake and was the guy who sent you the bars rather nervously as you obviously get to honestly say what you think about them, so really glad you liked them! If anyone else would like to try a 9bar for free then just email me via the Wholebake website with address details.
    Mark G.