9 Jan 2009

A year in review: January 2008

I have decided to review 2008 month by month, rather than the whole lot in one mammoth beast of a post. This also enables me to just backlink to old posts and be a totally lazy sod, woot (joking). I am cherry picking the posts that I like the most from each month, otherwise this could get rather boring indeed. Also its good for the reflective part of my counselling homework. Which means its also bad, because unfortunately I come off as quite quite mad.

So starting with January (no shit Sherlock).

The very beginning (of the year)
I started 2008 in the Scottish Highlands, after spending Christmas with Junior (younger cyster Heather). I saw Father Christmas, reindeer's and even went on a steam train. New Years Day was brought in amongst the sound of bagpipes and booze being consumed. Then as the sun set on the first day of 2008, bagpipes were played again and fireworks were exploded. 2008 began with a bang, but is that a good omen?

Willy was born (not jeebus)
For those that have been reading this blog for awhile now, have seen my willy quite a few times. But I am not sure they all know of his origins? So if you want to know the origins of willy the non sex toy, there is even a video. If you don't know what I am wittering on about, then forget I even mentioned Willy the non sex toy....

I won a golden cock
Not wanting to continue the penis theme, especially as I am a lady, but ah well. Its a source of great pride and joy that I won a Golden Cock from Lord Likely. Its even better that my cock is better than his, well according to google anyways. Just google 'golden cock' and see whose cock is better.

The mum nearly lost her tongue, but found it again.
Back in December 2007 the doctors decided that my mum would probably lose her tongue to cancer, this of course led to hilarity and tongue twister jokes.... Who needs a tongue? In the end they decided it was just a nasty ulcer and she could keep it after all.

There was nearly a serious sinuscide incident
My sinuses played merry hell with me all of 2008, but January was particularly horrendous and I let the world know about it. I am pretty sure I coined the term sinuscide, so I may be using that in a future defence case, just in case I happen to murder someone whilst under the influence of sinus juice.

Fancy a game of snakes and ladders?
This was a great counselling therapy/tool we learnt in class and turned out to be more insightful than I thought it would be.Its especially handy for those of you making resolutions that you would like to stick to.

I am not a geek!
I found out that wasn't a geek, but unfortunately I am an uber dork. It wasn't really that much of a surprise.

Looking into future, back into the past, hanging around the present.
This was a great art therapy exercise we did in class, I really enjoyed it. Although it was rather more emotional that I anticipated. Even looking at the pictures now make me feel anything from sad to .....

A glimpse of 16 year old me
Examples of my childhood doodling days and a few glimpses of a sixteen year old claire.

I got probed
After all the whingeing I did about sinus trouble I finally got an appointment with an ENT specialist.It was a load of bollocks and a waste of time. So I get to moan about my sinuses all year, hooray for you....

To sum January 2008 up, I was grumpy and miserable! bleck.

So what do you think about my January 2008? Learnt anything new about me? Do you have any standout memories from your January 2008?

February to follow soon (ish).


  1. What a year! Based on that doodle, there seemed to be a lot of penile activity in 08.

  2. I think you've come up with a very interesting way to recap a year.

    Unfortunately, I can hardly remember last week, nevermind last year! LOL


  3. I wouldn't say you were mad, maybe just a little cranky. :) All in all, looks like a good little month. Can't wait for February!

  4. Hmm, January doesn't appear to have been the best of months for you but at least you were blogging on a regular basis back then! Should be interesting when you get closer to the end of the year ... !!

  5. Ah, I remember some of this. It's like a walk through Memory Lane for all of us!...

    If Memory Lane had a lot of willies and nasal mucus in it.

  6. All this in one month!

  7. haha, this is an interesting and funny way to recap the year. hope 2009 is better for ya!

  8. Wow. Your January last year was chock full! I dont think Ive done THAT much in an entire YEAR!

  9. I ARE a geek...and my golden cock is nicer than yours. ;)

  10. How many of your darling readers can say they've actually held your Willy?
    Well, nyah nyah, Claire readers - I've not only fondled Willy, I've stroked Evil Willy!