13 Feb 2009

Ummm Coffee

Firstly thanks for comments on the post Unclean unclean, from the well wishes to sharing personal experiences, I really do have the best readers and commenter's. I hope other people take the time to read them, because most of the time your comments are better than my drivel. That is not just me arse kissing, I really mean it.

The mumborg is doing really well at the moment and hopefully the doctor is going to give me some notes, so I can write about the procedure in more gory details. The only worry was the amount of blood lost in surgery, so the mumborg has had to have a few top ups. If things go to plan she should be released and back terrorising me soon.

In the meantime I have been trying some real coffee that I got free to review, that will be up soonish, the review I mean. Well as soon as I climb down from the walls, seriously who would of thunk that real coffee is so much stronger than instant stuff. Update: Real coffee versus Instant Coffee post can now be found here or below this post depending on when you read this article.

ps: A big thanks to the tweeple that befriended at the Liverpool Twestival last night! I would of looked like a right sad twat if you hadn't beeen so nice to me.


  1. Happy to hear about your mom :)

    Instant coffee? Um, ow. It hurts to even think about I.C.
    There was only one time in the history of my coffee-drinking experience (*g*) where I thought a cuppa that stuff tasted good. And I can't recall *what* I was on at the time :), although we do keep a canister of it in the back cupboard--you know, for apocalypse-type scenarios. Can't be too safe. I kid. Kinda.
    Yay, coffee!

  2. Enjoy the free coffee. You'll never go back to instant. Not that I ever had it, except in the military while out in the field. Then, you just had to make do.

    Glad the mumborg is feeling better.

  3. I like real coffee...real instant coffee.

  4. ME WANT!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!