16 Apr 2009

and she's back

A lot of talk about teabagging today on the interwebs, so I thought I would join in. They meant tea bags didn't they? Anyhoo, can you guess which teabag is Yorkshire Tea and which is Lancashire Tea, from the selection above?

The mumborg returned yesterday, very grumpy and with a bug. She blew carrot chunks within minutes of being home, not nice at all. It was not due to me forcing encouraging her to eat food when she wasn't actually hungry... Well she got the last laugh on that matter anyways.
Her PICC line didn't need replacing after all, just re jigging, so at least that is sort of playing nice and should last the distance.The fart machine aka vacuum closure device is now playing up and sounds like a fart machine on crack, so district nurses have just popped back to fix it (1:47 am).

I will get around to that big fuck off massive humongous pile/heap of college work at some point, oh whats that shiny shiny object.....




  1. Yeah, I'm one of those wicked, wacky, conservative nut jobs. We were supposed to go to a TEA (taxed enough already) party but unfortunately, my gimpy stomach kept us home. I kinda relate to your mum! Only it wasn't carrots.

  2. Ooooh, shiny object! Let me see, let me see, ooooooooooooo, aaaaaaaaaaaa ...

  3. Awww Rachel beat me at chasing the twinkly. If there are enough twinklies around you have a lovely life and never have to do a single useful thing ever.

  4. I'm also avoiding coursework. I shouldn't really, although I'm saying that my teacher's notes on my drafts are unledgible. They are. Its a load of crap about not being able to find a certain section, then 5 minutes later would say 'Oh, there it is!'. Grr.

    So, coursework, what coursework? I'd much rather watch Timmy Time on i-player (Have you seen it, its great, and I don't even care that its from Cbeebies, as timmy is a mini shawn the sheep, and cute!)

    What was that about deadlines? Oh shit *Leaves* Xx

  5. Uhm ... the one on the right??

    Sorry to hear the Mumborg has taken to semi-projectile vomiting; hopefully that was a one-time thing and she feels better soon.

    Frank was asking about you at work yesterday and hopes that all is well. He'd like you to come back and visit again soon - of course! As would I! So, chuck the schoolwork and come back to the States!

  6. I thought both of those teas are strong enough to make your teaspoon stand up.

  7. glorious tea, saviour of the north.

  8. What is it about carrot?

    Even when you haven't had one in days, it's always there when you inadvertently 'revisit' your stomach contents.


  9. Oh. I thought you meant tea-bagging as in

    (g, d & r)

  10. I have a lot of tea bags in my kitchen...

  11. Teabagging...bwaaaaaaaaaaahhhhaaaaaaaa! :)

    I hope the mumborg is feeling better now and I assume you're not making her eat when she's not hungry 'eh?

  12. The one on the left is Lancs and the right, Yorks.

    I know this because the leftmost example is evidencing a valley, and the right, a hillock. You get plenty of hillocks in Lancs, but they be dyslexics.

    I think your blog is lovely! Congrats on being proper ace. x