10 Apr 2009

Blood and Gunk


  1. My daughter is studying for her nursing degree. I should send this photo to her. She'll drop all of her classes.
    The technology is fascinating, but I read an article in the paper yesterday, that more and more docs/hospitals are using maggots to clear away the dead flesh and infection. It doesn't get more high tech than that!

  2. yeah...I was eating a bowl of cheerios when I clicked on your post.

    Kind of a mistake. But. Interesting pictures, though.

  3. Wow that photo is graphic. Its like an episode of 'Casualty'.

    Thanks for the comment. I felt obliged to say you're pretty awesome too (Cause its true!) And as for the medic alert braclets, um, well i'll probably just stick to having an engraver person write what I need as I don't fancy paying just for having an illness.

    No one likes IVs so I'm sure the Mumborg will be tempted to jump about when they're finished. (Or yell 'Freedom!' as I often do. Xx

  4. I had one of those medical Hoovers on a few years ago. Gross, but they help healing a lot.

  5. I have a medical degree and I know that these devices really produce these sounds.

    Some people have high cholesterol, clotting up the machines for sure :)

    Glad to discover your blog and I enjoy your humour here

  6. Just like the icky parts of tv shows, I had to close my eyes.

  7. I work in a occasionally hospital and have not seen one of these. Is it used to collect blood from a wound?

  8. Hello. Happy Easter to you and yours.

    I am following everything. Take care.