4 Apr 2009


Legless, originally uploaded by crpitt.

Mumborg has arrived back home and should hopefully stay put,if she behaves herself that is.
Leg is doing okay, but the healing process in regards to the wound has been iffy. Whilst one end of the wound is healing nicely, the other end and below surface stuff is being difficult. So they will have to keep a close eye on it. The district nurses are coming out five times a day for IV antibiotics and wound checking, then every Wednesday the mumborg will have to go into hospital, so that the consultant can check the wound. After four weeks of IV antibiotics and closure system, things should get back to our version of normal..

For those that wondered, Original incison on leg was 30 cm (11.8 inches) and the open wound you see above is 15cm across (5.9 inches) and deep.Which I just found out by measuring it with a big ruler, whilst the mumborg gets her IV antobiotics, she is a trooper.


  1. Happy to hear that the Mumborg is finally home. Take good care of her. Apparently, assimilation isn't as seamless as the collective would have us believe.

  2. Holy cow, Claire! I didn't think it was that big!
    I imagine she's getting pretty tired of the whole deal. I sure hope this will work for her (and you get the Gold Medal for being such a terrific caregiver!!!).

  3. So glad to hear she is home! That difficult mumborg! Hope you keep her in check this time!

  4. You are the most amazing daughter, EVER to be taking such great care of your mum. She's lucky to have you.