7 May 2009

Personal Philiosophy on Counselling

Whilst fannying about researching and typing up all things college like, I use twitter to sound out thoughts and ponderings about counselling and being a therapist/counsellor. Not sure if I am actually doing counselling/therapy any favours at all.....
Personal counselling philosophy of the day: Your therapist is the imodium to your emotional diarrhoea.
Personal philosophy of the day: Sometimes you need therapy like you need a colonic irrigation, shit builds up and you need help working it out.
My personal philosophy is....Life is full of potholes, pack a torch, rope and crampons, climb the fuck out and then get ready to do it all again.
At the moment I am reworking  my 'personal philosophy on counselling' presentation and I thought I would add a splash or two of humour to the mix. Also I wanted to drop the F bomb into it just to see if anyone notices.It was meant to be done tonight in class, but the nervous and the technologically challenged went first. I like to pretend that I wasn't nervous at all, which was of course a wee fib and as we over ran I now have till Monday to rejig it.

I may even post it on here, if your really really good......


  1. Sometimes, your therapist is the prune juice to your emotional constipation...

    Would love to see the presentation!

  2. I've always held by the saying that great therapists/psychologists always have MORE issues than their clients.

    It's a fool proof way of providing empathy.

    Also? I will *rock* as a psychologist, then :)

  3. Oooh yes please - post it on here! :)

  4. Hmmm. Work on the rejigging.

  5. Did you hear the one about the idiot female mountain climber who went off on holiday and packed a box of crampons?
    Don't worry. You always manage to pull it off somehow. This time will be no different.

    Miss you.

  6. Terrific - keep evolving and developing your personal philosophy. And especially write it down - 10 years from now you will amaze yourself!

  7. ... fannying about ...
    gotta steal that phrase!

  8. Sysaphus - you know, the guy in Greek Mythology that rolled the rock up the mountain just to have it fall back down? That definitely reminds me of your personal philosophy!
    I saw my high-colonic yesterday... He works really well, too.

  9. Just like the damn making of the bed.. Sleep, get up, make it... get ready to do it again.. Argh the crazyness of life.

  10. "imodium" are you allowed to use such words here?

  11. I think that other people who affect our lives should come up with their philosiphy.
    I would like to how the prime minister's, and otehr MP's.
    I would also like to know what they think we should value, and how we should live our lives, and how they are helping us do that.
    I love it that this blog is so successful out of something you had to do :D