12 May 2009

Personal Philiosophy on Counselling (sort of)

Well hopefully this uploads okay, because I have wasted years of my life trying to post the fucker rather difficult thing.

It is my take on the Personal Philosophy assignment I was given in college. In which we were required to create a twenty minute presentation for our class group on our Personal Philosophy as it relates to counselling and counselling studies.

I hope it provides a insight into the internal process of my rambling mind, as I try to get to grips with various concepts and theories.It is also full of humour, doodles, analogies, metaphors and whatnots.

Please let me know what you think.


  1. Really good stuff! Very impressive!

  2. Awesome! Really enjoyed that, was great to see some of the personal aspects to your studies. :)

  3. I think it's great, Claire. A fantastically exciting (yes, scary too) journey, really well communicated.
    I love your honesty, and your cartoons are a really powerful tool, conveying more than many words could say.
    Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. Excellent, Claire. Well presented.

  5. Oh Claire, now that really made me smile. As a casual blogging acquaintance I may never have mentioned that I'm also a qualified but non-practising (I wonder if that's true really) psychotherapist. My training at the London Institute for Psychotherapy was never as much fun as that! I loved your presentation and the visuals were simply brilliant. Your humanity and honesty shine through. That's really important for me since so many therapists / counsellors seem inaccessible. There's nothing there to grab hold of (oops!). I ended up as an eclecticist...if that's a proper word. I chose a new recipe to make my porridge every time round. :-) I'm back in blighty now and if you find yourself hiking past Cambridge at any time then let me know and we'll put this counselling world to rights! You take good care. Very best, Geoffx

  6. So you went with SlideShare...How many years did it take to post.

    That's a lot of work too...35 pages

  7. Hi Claire. Your Personal Philosophy is brilliant. I loved it, it's not only funny, but also sensitive and deep. Congratulations !!!

  8. Like Geoffrey says, it's good to see a real human being in that presentation. If you can keep that bit of yourself at the front despite all the book learnin' and intellectualisation you have to do for the training, it's the best tool you'll ever have in your box.

  9. Loved the comments! I appreciate every single one of them.

    I am just an ignorant sod at the moment, with the brain implosion and all.

    The words in your comments keep me going!