15 Jun 2009

Option A, B or C ?

 The mumborg was shipped back to the reconditioning unit two weeks ago for a supposed quick patch job. Basically her leg had still not healed well at all from previous surgery and was looking decidedly infected. So the district nurses assumed that a clean out and new vacuum pump would do the trick.
 Well things are just not that simple when it comes to the mumborg, it seems she just can’t adjust to the bionic parts of her. Is it that she is just too human, fighting against assimilation? Or that I have watched Star Trek far too many times? The head doctor like person was not impressed at all with the healing process and his previous handy work, so declared it open season on the leg. After consulting with his surgeons and various bone specialists, they came up with these options:

Option A: Removal of all metal work and bone fragments from hip to knee. Leaving a floppy boneless leg above the knee. Leaving leg like this for 3 - 6 months, blasting away all infections and then see about reconstructing it.

Option B: A thorough clean out and removal of all bone fragments, new shiny metal bits and an antibiotic implant. 

Option C: Lopping the leg off, otherwise known as amputation. In this case it would be a hind quarter amputation. I think it is that anyway, I did sort of tune out when I found out this was a definite possibility.

Not quite the news I wanted to hear, especially after thinking this was just going to be a quick hose down and patch job. How do you get your head round news like that?

 Well the surgery happened on Friday and unfortunately they couldn't do exactly what they wanted, so a compromise between A -B was made. Apparently the previous handiwork could not be easily removed and bone fragments were splintering causing problems. So after an exhaustive 6-7 hours, a rest break with showers and using enough instruments to kit out a butcher, they called it quits. The mumborg was awake throughout this procedure so the surgeon continually popped his head around the curtain to keep her updated. How aware the mumborg was is debatable as she was heavily medicated for the obvious pain. She was told that if they didn't quit at this point it would have to be option C and they were not ready to go down that avenue at this point.
 On visiting the mumborg that night after the surgery, I did not know what option they had gone for, so guess what I was looking for? Yep after checking that she was okay I checked for two legs, actually I checked for the two legs first. The mumborg was her usual cheerful self, albeit slightly pissed off after being vented. Never mind the fact that she nearly lost her leg, don’t put the mumborg on a ventilator, she hates it.
 What is next for the mumborg and the malfunctioning limb? Well option C is not off the cards and it is something I am trying to get use to. The mumborg is okay with Option C, as she is bloody fed up with all this hospital time. I have struggled with the thought of the mumborg being an amputee, sobbed at some times and been punch the wall kind of angry. Then I reached the conclusion that if she is okay with it, then so shall I. The mumborg and her attitude has allowed me to reach this conclusion, if she had reacted differently to it, then I would be in bits.

 Yesterday was World Donor Day and I had every intention of doing a post on it, but life got in the way. So I will just mention the fact that during surgery the mumborg needed 2 units of blood and today the wound erupted which meant more blood loss. This led to her needing some blood and she will need more blood throughout the night to replace what she has lost. It is only in times like this do I really recognise why giving blood is truly important. Would I be so concerned about people giving blood if my loved ones or I had never needed a single drop? I can't truthfully say that I would. 

 Standing at a blogging crossroads, as this will be the last entry that will go towards my final piece of college work. After that is done and dusted will I bother to blog? I know I would like to continue, but not sure what to do at the moment.


  1. Blimey - what an awful situation - think blogging and tweeting is a good idea (as therapy for you) - sounds like mumborg is dealing with it stoically.

    Lou x

  2. I'm almost due for another blood donation, so I will donate in honor of the mumborg! (Not that my blood is going to help the mumborg, of course... but it will help someone around here, I have no doubt.) And if I eat enough spinach, maybe my iron count will be high enough for a double platelet donation.

  3. Oh good grief...keep us posted, though I'm sure you will anyway. It's good that the Mumborg is also positive about the possibility of losing the leg xxxx

  4. That's very rough. My own mother had a very bad break in her left arm, which took three surgeries and bone grafts, multiple plates & screws to finally start healing.

    I know she was thinking about amputation too.

    All I can say is things tend to work out for the best. So hang with that thought!

    I do hope you keep blogging post-study requirements, as we'd miss your doodles and interesting posts.

  5. I for one hope you continue to Blog and Tweet.. it is a way for us all to keep in touch some how, some way we feel a connection with others.. This world is a huge place and this somehow makes it a little smaller.. Human's need stimulation and this is a way to have that.. So I truly hope you decide to keep on trucking along.. I would miss you dearly as would many others.. Besides we need mumborg to give us all strength and make us realize just how damn good so many of us have it. I wish I knew her.. she is your mother and she is truly amazing as is her daughther.. love ya to bits.. Callie

  6. Oh my goodness, Mumborg sounds like a strong lady! I hope everything resolves itself ok as soon as possible!

    Well done on finishing your course!!

  7. I hope that you continue to blog and enlighten my world with beauty

    Your story is so full of interesting content

    I know that surgeons are often neanderthals that failed to understand why fire come out of wood logs

  8. Poor Mum! Why is it that when it rains it pours with this sort of stuff? I hope that this latest bout with the hospital is the last one, I can't imagine how hard this must be for you. Please do keep blogging, even if you make a new one or whatever, there are lots of us out here that like to know how you're doing, even if we don't say so all the time. ;)

  9. Wow, what an ordeal! They say most of healing is attitude, in her case, Mumborg will heal quickly. Please keep blogging - your writing is wonderful!

  10. I hope Mumborg will be soon better, I'm sure all of you had hard times there...keep blogging, it's important to communicate, it helps you to go through life and anyway your writing is lovely.

  11. Well, I guess I can understand how it is that your mum is getting damned sick and tired of people poking and prodding and all at her poor worn out leg. Were I her, I'd be leaning towards Option C at this point, too.

    Your mother sounds like a truly fantastic woman and I am very sorry that life has served her up such a nasty shit sandwich. She deserves better and so do you.

    Hope this sorts of properly soon and in the meantime, I'm sending you a hug whether I like it or not!

  12. Correction - sorts OUT properly!

  13. Claire, your mum is one tough lady! I hope that she and you are doing well right now. Whatever happens with the blogging I hope that you and your mum will be ok. I know that she is pretty sick and you have a lot to deal with and that maybe having a blog is a good place to vent but also... if it gets too tough to write about don't worry about us. You know you have a big following of people who all wish you and your mum well with all their hearts, you know you will always have that and it won't go away. Thanks for sharing the story so far :)

  14. Good morning Claire. I know this won't help very much, but, still....because I like your lovely blog, you've been AWARDED!!!!

  15. Your mother's courage and your dedication always astound me. My best wishes to her with hopes of eventual recovery. It would be wonderful if blogging could continue to be part of your life even without the school requirements. So many people have come to enjoy your presence in their lives that you would be sorely missed.

  16. I heart mumborg's attitude about all of this. It totally makes it easier to deal with (for the family) when the person who actually has to live with the decision is at peace. It's like that for me and my brother. He needs a kidney and takes dialysis three times a week. If he wasn't going through this struggle so courageously I don't know that I could keep it together.

    Sometimes I wonder if it weren't for my brother's condition if I would be on the donor list....some days I think so and others I think not. Hopefully it would have dawned on me that being able to help someone live is truly the greatest gift anyone can give. Unfortunately for me my iron is always too low and can't give blood or I just had a tattoo or some such nonsense but I will keep trying regardless.

  17. I know I'm late getting over here to tell you this but I just want you to know I'm thinking about you and I hope that you're holding up okay. I wish I were closer so that I could help you out a bit. My kids would be great comedic relief for ya. ;)

    Take care and if there's anything I can do for you from 'cross the pond, feel free to let me know. I'm thinking about you and I hope that your Mum feels better very soon, no matter what the outcome is. You both deserve it!!!

  18. Please keep blogging Claire. I'd really miss you.

  19. I'd have asked if there were an option D

  20. 1.) You have to keep blogging. I mean, where will all your doodles live otherwise??

    and 2.) The LinkedWithin you just installed looks really cool-- see? The DOODLES are asking for further posts. :)