5 Oct 2009

Fake leg shenanigans

What do you buy a mumborg with one leg? A fake latex rubber leg of course.....
Typical! The shop only had fake latex like 'right' legs and we needed a left leg, but what can one do. My sister and I scared the poor shop boy person as he was wandering back towards the arm and leg section with an awol arm. Seeing two women rummaging manically through that section, seeking a left leg must have looked quite odd. I think it was the laughing as my sister told him that we were looking for a leg for our mother who had been freshly amputated, that really  made him scarper. I don't know why....Where on earth can you find an arm and leg section anyways? Tis the season to be bloody of course! Halloween in other words, so the supermarkets are full of all things gory.
Anyhoo the mumborg liked her gift, but some dastardly person had taken the real humour out of it! Offended by it? Nay. The lady next door to the mumborg has also had her leg recently amputated and someone gave her a fake latex leg the day before! Curses to them and their sick sense of humour! The mumborg has put it use straight away and is terrorising the nurses and doctors with it, confusing some of them into thinking she hadn't had surgery after all, haha.

Thanks to the great googly moogly powers that be, one of my doodles is already appearing in google images when one searches for hindquarter amputation. Not that I imagine many people actually search for that term and/or want or expect a daft doodle? What I do hope is that people find this site and maybe find it of some use, if they or someone they love is going through something similar. This stream of waffling was caused in some part by a comment I received yesterday on this post 'Risking life and limb', I am not going to post the whole comment on this post, but it is there in the comments of that post, if you would like to read it. I will however post this bit:

But I just came on this page looking for hope for him after the amputation. Is there? Is mumborg okay now?

I hope they don't mind me posting that bit of their comment here, I just wanted them to see my response, if they come back, as there was no other way of reaching them.

I am not one to use the word 'hope' willy nilly, as it is not something I control or even really believe in. All I can say is that mumborg is okay now and she is doing fantastically well. It is hard to give advice to someone else going through the same thing, as everyone will handle it differently. I suppose I look upon it like the grieving process, as it is a significant loss and there are a whole range of emotions that you go through. What helped the mumborg a lot was meeting other amputees and talking to them, they, after all, are living breathing examples that life does in fact go on after amputation. Things are still very new and strange for me at the moment, as it has only been just over a week. I have no crystal ball that will tell me that things will be wonderful and there wont be any more problems, but for now things are good and it looks like she may be allowed home soon.

If you have only recently joined in on the mumborg adventures just click the 'mum' to find out more.


  1. Excellent work with the fake leg, although BOO to the person who got in ahead of you. What a freak! ;)

    Glad to see that you're finding ways to create mischief anyways. Sounds to me like a good antidote to Operation Lopitoff.

  2. Maybe you should have got a dozen and presented her with a legs bouquet, all wearing different multicolored socks?

    (Another twisted sense of humor heard from).

  3. What a hoot! A bouquet of legs!!! Good one, Jamie!
    You and your family's sense of humor will stand you in good stead. And "Hope?" "It's that thing with feathers that perches in the soul." Can't remember who flippin' wrote that - but I have a bad case of CRS.
    Love and all that stuff...

  4. "She's got legs, and she knows how to use them..."

    Hey, maybe the Mumborg needs a ZZTop single. :)

    Too funny about the rubber leg, Claire. And funnier that there seems to be a Halloween fake leg trend at the hospital.

    I'd say we should you a hand for your cleverness... But I don't feel like shipping a fake rubber hand overseas. :)

  5. Your Mum probably would have loved the recent Zombie Walk and the assorted "body parts" that were paraded around there. Matter of fact, there were a good number of wheelchair-bound participants and I was very happy to see them there as it just goes to show that just because one is handicapped in one way or another, life doesn't stop and neither does the fun.

    If you've lost your sense of humor I think you've lost everything and I am very happy to see that's certainly not the case in Widnes!

  6. True story: Many years ago, a friend of mine was shot (intentionally, by a patient of his who was quite mad -- in every sense of the word). The bullet pierced his abdomen and lodged in his spine. Rapid surgery saved his life, but left him a paraplegic. All of his friends flocked to his hospital bedside to offer moral support, but no one knew quite what to say - grim faces all around.

    Finally, one old friend quipped, "Hey, don't be so glum. You're still alive, so you can't kick!"

    The paralyzed friend absolutely roared, and then so did the rest of us. These things surely are NOT funny, yet there's nothing like a little comedy to lighten the mood and break the spell of grimness.

    So, good on ya!


  7. Congrats on being on the first page of Google AND your sick, twisted humor. I'm sure that this has kept your mum from the brink of insanity on more that one occasion. I can only hope that if something such as this were to happen to me that Shelby and Emily could provide me with as much comfort as you have your mum!

  8. I just wanted to say happpppy birthday :)