2 Jan 2010

December depicted in doodles and snaps

Well December whizzed by faster than a duck in roller boots being chased down hill by a rabid fox. In fact the whole of 2009 went pretty much that way. Not sure if I will do a review of 2009 yet, maybe and maybe not, at the moment I am not feeling it.

Anyhoo luckily I am doing this photo a day thingy, which not only provides me with an alibi for most days, it also reminds me what the feck I have been doing this past December. As I am not posting all the photographs I am taking daily on this blog, I would like too share them still on here, as I did with the November post.

So December in photographs..

If you want to see the photographs individually then you can find them in my flicker set Frapto 365, if you want to see them and read the story behind the pictures then visit my Frapto Archive.

Doodles for others..
Doodling for other people is something that I have decided I rather like doing, not only does it actually make me think outside my crazy box, improves my doodling ability and it also is rather fun.

Across the Sahara
Many eons ago I promised a doodle to @AndeGregson as I was so impressed with his quest to complete the 2010 Marathon Des Sables. Which is a 165 miles of running through the desert! Craziness.
Ande is doing this for a wonderful charity called Mencap, so wishing him all the luck for this coming April.

Highlights in Liverpool 2009
Mr @Robin Brown ask me to contribute to his Best of Liverpool 2009 post, which was hugely flattering. Living so close to Liverpool is a pleasure, but alas 2009 suckethed donkey balls, well in regards to me doing much of anything remotely cultural or even making the most of what Liverpool has to offer. Now if the post was about the Best/Worst of Hospital Moments 2009, I could have written a LOT. The few moments of Liverpool (ish) related joy where in the forms of seeing The Dream in nearby St Helens (giant statue), meeting up with local tweet folk and seeing the wonderful Yeasayer at the Bat for Lashes gig.


  1. Awesome awesome photo's Claire! And the doodles are really cool too! And you're right, doodling for others is a lot of fun ^_^!

    Oh! I also want a doodle from you one day! I will hang it on my Wall of Doodles...once I move out of my parents house that is haha! But I will have a Wall of Doodles!


  2. Nice use of the Picnik collages! And what a great idea to do a sort of month-in-review. I may start doing that on my site, and of course I will link back to you as my inspiration. May 2010 help you create more and more fabulous works of art. :-)

  3. I like your doodles... December just flew by!I don't even remember it because it happened so fast!

  4. I think I'm with Lois on this one - what the heck happened to December? Come to think of it, what the heck happened to 2009?

  5. The photos are great. The collages really work well.

  6. love the doodles - I'll certainly post one if you have one to share. If you need an idea, you could do one about my Christmas Day disaster. I know, that is cheap begging way of trying to get you to visit my blog "A Few Clowns Short"
    Looking forward to more 2010 doodles

  7. Your doodles are fantastic :) Just revisiting blogs I marked to follow last year, and haven't had time to read. Your blog looks fantastic btw

  8. Claire-you have such a delightful and unique take on life and it shows in your comments on forum as well as in your writing and doodles. I get such a kick out of you (figuratively speaking, that is.) You're a born humorist. Loved the photos, too.

  9. Happy new year you curmudgeonly old git ;-) Some quality photos in there and you really do have one of the best looking blogs around.

    Hope 2010 goes better for you :-)

  10. @




    @TJ - I promise that one day, you shall have a doodle from me :)

    @Sezin -Hey thanks and I would love to see you doing similar posts, it is interesting to look back already, imagine what it will be like after 365 days?

    @Lois, I hear that! Whooosh!

    @Linda, A second whoosh for you!

    @Chris, Thanks Chris! It is nice giving the photos a second outing, in a slightly different format.

    @lisleman, Maybe one day, once I have finally finished all my college stuff :) Already read the blog in my feed reader :)

    @John, Hey Johnathon, Thanks for coming back and the lovely compliment.

    @NP I get a kick out of you too, even though you frustrate the shit out of me sometimes.

    @Chris = The original curmudgeon.

  11. I like the pic a day idea. I recently signed up at DailyBooth and have been OK at getting pics up regularly. Most are from my desk though which is boring. Have to get better at snapping pics on the go.

    Good luck with your continued pic taking.