27 Jun 2010

Too Hot Too Cold

doodle weather
Doodle Weather

I wouldn't be British if I didn't moan about the weather, so here it goes! By Cripes it is bloody hot! It has been in the 20's (Celsius) for the past week or so. That is in the 70's for those that use Fahrenheit as the measure of your weather. While some people may piss themselves laughing at the idea of this temperature being scorchio, for me it is!The UK normally operates around the strict temperature of 'Meh' Degrees , neither freezing nor sweltering, just Meh. Any deviation from this and the country grinds to a halt, there is mass hysteria and the Mr Whippy van gets looted.
Okay a slight exaggeration on my part, I know, I know, shocking that moi exaggerates at times. I have actually been making the most of this nice weather and been gardening with the mumborg. By gardening I mean that I have been doing the grunt work, while she decides what plants go where and what seeds are getting propagated. I have not took any photographs yet, as I am still in a period of mourning over losing the DSLR. If things start to grow, look pretty and all that shit, I may take some. If we are lucky, we should have courgettes, radishes, carrots, potatoes, basil and some other crap that I can't remember. I actually thought I was getting a tan, but it turns out it was just soil, so it went after I had a bath.

Doodle Stuff: Those that follow me on twitter may have seen my tweets about doodling in the garden? I took all my drawing stuff outside and had a great time, but I can't share those doodles with you, as they were for a secret project. Maybe one day I can, but at the moment, tough! Not sure why I decided to share or not share that with you all, just excited I guess.
What was good about doing this project, was the time I got to spend using different pens and paper, taking my time and really enjoying the process. My doodle mentor TJ, gave me another great tip about inking the doodles before I apply the colour. This turned out to be great for me, as the lines ending up being a lot cleaner than usual. It was also a revelation that the ink is in fact waterproof, which I found rather cool. So I have started doing that for all my doodles, including the daft one above. So if you have any doodle tips, feel free to pass them along! Or if you want to know anything, please ask!

Music of the moment: Not sure if people even listen to these videos that I post, or give a shit about what music I love, but for the one or two that do, here is my next recommended artist.....Damien Jurado. He is an artist that has been around for a long time, but for some reason is not mega famous, which he should be. I like to think he is my own secret find, but of course he is not. This track is from the 'Caught in the Trees' album, which is brilliant. You should also check out the latest album 'Saint Bartlett' and the project with his brother 'Hoquiam'.

Damien Jurado - sheets from on Vimeo.


  1. You post music videos? I hadn't noticed! ;-)

    I would love for it to be a constant Meh degrees over here but alas, we're all over the thermometer most of the time. The last few days weren't bad, it was in the 80's but essentially no humidity which is always a jolly good thing! Unfortunately, though, that isn't going to last and tomorrow promises to be hot and humid which makes it an excellent day to be at work!

    Your tan sounds like my usual tan - washes away with some soap and water. Must be the Brit in me on my mum's side!

  2. I want some "Meh" weather, we've been hitting around 98 for the past 3 weeks.

  3. I am going to Texas tomorrow (setting context)

    My mother, 80 years old, who still lives in Yorkshire rang yesterday mid-morning, went something like this:

    Mother: "They've only just finished filling that hole and I bet it's going to lift with this weather.
    Me: Good morning mum. Er, which hole?
    Mother: And your aunty Mary's being painted and it'll dry before they can get it on. That one in front of Mrs Browns.
    Me: You mean a pot hole in the road?
    Mother: That's what I said. I'm lathered. Int it hot?
    Me: She's having the outside painted or the house?
    Mother: Who:
    Me: aunty mary, you said she was being painted!
    Mother: Oh, the outside, It's too hot for it though. I say, your'e alright going to Texas, it'll be no hotter than here, you should have gone when its cold.
    Me: Cold? It's never cold in Texas.
    Mother: Not Texas. Here.
    Me: But General Custer didn't fight the Alamo here mum!
    Mother: No, but your uncle Bills allotment looks beautiful, mindst you, he's having to water, what with this weather.

    Claire, I shall leave it there, I know you will understand. I believe it is in our genetic coding -

    God: Oh this one is British, we need to put the weather gene in.

    Wonderful doodles. I hope your veggies all come to fruition, if not I think me uncle Bill may have surplus!

  4. Because I despise the 'Meh' weather (and the 'Meeeeehhhh!' weather when it's worse in winter) I will never, ever complain about it being scorchio in Britain.

    Anyway, nice doodles and nice waffle. Have fun with the heat, the gardening grunt work and the secret project.

  5. Ack, I hate the overbearing heat this week too, lying in bed with just a sheet and still sweating like a pig is not conducive to conceiving. Well, perhaps I should just leave that one there ...

    I'm also getting into gardening though, perhaps we ought to exchange pictures in a while. We have a little herb garden, and a vegetable patch, and lots of fruit bushes. It is all very exciting.

    What pens do you use that are waterproof?

  6. Yay!!I love love the illustration Claire ^_^!! You doodled it perfectly! haha the 'Meh' degrees. I like that, well not that the weather is like that...I like the know what I mean right...

    Heeey! Can I go shopping in your garden please?? Not not of course, but when you have all those veggies sitting all pretty. Ooh I shall show you a picture from our garden! The parents have been working all day in it haha...oh you wanna know where I was?....ehm...I observed them working...heheh. I did the cooking ;)

    Haha! I loved the convo between Julianna & her mom too.

    Talk to ya later!! Ciao!!

  7. and now for the edit (which makes more sense):

    I listened to the music and it didn't move me. But that sort of thing is about exposure.

    Like poison ivy which is in ~my~ garden.

    I love your doodles and your narrative style. It always makes me giggle!

    Love the mumborg.

    Hot here today. A heat index of stupid hot at 105.

  8. Nothing better than being hot and sweaty, and working with the mumborg in the garden. Precious days you'll never forget, Claire.

  9. Love your doodles, too hot, too cold, I will have the too hot anytime.

  10. It's been in the 90's here! I would be really happy if it was in the 70's :) Love the doodles!

  11. You keep this up and you're going to have to open a doodle gallery and makes lots of money.
    It was 101 here today. Can't complain, I guess...we've been so lucky with cooler than normal temps this year. I have a feeling we'll be sweltering clear in to October.
    Give the mumborg my very best.

  12. @Linda, don't be a music video hater, you bloody love it.

    I am not sure how you cope, even with the AC. When I was there in September, I thought that was bad! I would have to style my hair in a freezer unit.

    I mentioned my tan today and people laughed! I was in the garden all week, for hours and still nothing! But I guess it keeps me looking young?

    @Gangster of love, can I call something else? Like Harold? That username makes me feel uncomfortable.. Haha

    I would die in 98 degree weather, so I wont be visiting you! I know your devastated by that info.

    @Juliana HAHA! I think I have had a conversation with your mother, or someone very much like her :)

    veggies are sprouting already and it rained today/tonight so that saved me the job of watering them!

    @James, Hey dude, I just like complaining really, it wasn't too much of a hardship sitting in the sunshine with my factor 70, sipping a beer and doodling :)

    Mucho thanks for popping in and having a read :)

    @samesky, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh are you breeding!!!!!! (exciting).

    Okay I will take some photographs of the garden bits, would love to see what yours looks like.

    The pens that are waterproof are the Faber Castell 'PITT' pens, tis rather amusing that they are called that and the Sakura pigma micron. I got the PITT pens from Amazon and the Sakura ones from Classy Craft something.

    @TJ/Doodle Mentor I knew what you meant, meh indeed!

    I would love to see your garden and all your hard work, well by your hard work I mean your parents.. haha

    You can come garden shopping anytime, only have raspberries at the moment, so will need to grow you some more fruit!

    @Bigianthat, I know what you mean about exposure, I was very much into just 'pop' music for the longest time, but over the past few years I have definitely got more into the folky side of things. We can't all like the same type of music, that would be very dull indeed!

    Urggh! Poison Ivy is nasty stuff aint it? I don't think we have it in the UK? just nettles.

    Glad you like my doodles and style (if I really have one?) :)

    Mumborg is ace (click mum in labels if you want to know more about her)


    @NP I love being hot and sweaty to be honest, it makes me feel like I have done something hehe and you are right about the memories! Thank you for the gentle reminder about that :)

    @Cheeky Curves: Hello, I am still not sold on this too hot thing, maybe because I love soup and being wrapped up and snuggly? Thanks for commenting and liking the doodles :)

    @and miles to go! Hello long time no speak in blog world :) Urghh poor you with the 90's!

    @Gracie, not sure anyone would pay for one of my doodles, but it sure is fun!

    Oh Gracie don't know how you cope with the weather? By October I have my winter stuff back out!

    Will indeed pass on your wishes to the mumborg :)

  13. Am I breeding! :o haha! Trying, anyway.

  14. @samesky Well I could have put it in a nicer way, now that I look at it! oops. Still exciting :) :)