4 Jul 2010

The feet are always watching or something

Greetings Earthlings and those just visiting, welcome to a weekly round up post of sorts.

Garden stuff
Carrots, beetroot, courgettes, potatoes, onions, radishes, lemon basil, raspberries and four types of lettuce are growing! I have also planted several containers with alpines in some and flowers of another sort in the rest (my brain just farted and have totally drew a blank on their names). Also have two huge bags of manure that has to decompose a bit more, before I can fling it around the garden. Then it is back off to the garden centre to purchase more plants! I might get round to taking some photographs next week, if the weather stays lovely and if I can be arsed.

Doodle and Thinking Stuff
The doodle at the start of this post was inspired by a new cartooning blog 'Therapy Tales'. Well it was this doodle in particular that set it in motion 'Eye Contact'. If you have ever been in therapy or actually in any situation where eye contact is awkward at best, then you can definitely get this cartoon. Pictures, well doodles, do say a million words.

As Therapy Tales is told from the perspective of the client in the therapist/client relationship, this got me thinking about my own 'Augghhhh' moments when it comes to myself donning the cap of 'therapist/counsellor'. It will mean the end of a lot of things, maybe even this blog, but also the start of a whole new adventure.

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BUT before any of that happens, I am still fighting the good fight against this dude and by fight, I mean flapping a wet flannel in his general direction.
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He is the......Procrastinating Poltergeist, my arch nemesis! One of the many beasts in my Mental Health Monsters Menagerie, along with the  Boggart..The lovely Mr James Clayton reawakened these beasts with his Haiku Beasts. These Mental Health Monsters are an ongoing project, mainly in my head at the moment, but something that I definitely want to develop further. It seems that people have really identify with them, whenever I have mentioned them previously, so I want to unleash more.

I rather enjoyed writing the Paradigm post and the comments that you left really added something to it. It was awesometriffic that you could follow what I meant, as I worry that what makes sense in my head, is never going to translate that well to the written (typed) word. I have already decided on what the next word will be and this doodle and blog is a clue of sorts.
As you know I am a big twitter user (If you didn't, you do now), I have also added tumbling to my ever increasing web presence. My particular tumblr blog is called Other bits and pieces and I am using it as an bookmarker/idea dump. Instead of just gathering information for endless blogposts and never doing anything with it, the tumblr blog is there to keep up the momentum for when I have a mind bubble moment. Then I get to put all that mindbubbly stuff in a huge wiffly waffly post like this, hooray.

/end waffle


  1. The end of the blog is in sight?

    Say it isn't so!

    I love the Doodles, as always.

  2. Is "wiffly waffly" like "timey whimey" or "whimbly whobley"? I really do watch too much Doctor Who I'm afraid but we can blame it all on the teenage monster that hunches over the computer in the dining room; she's an evil influence she is! By the by, did you see her Van Gogh version of the 11th Doctor on her Facebook page?

    Oh yes, this comment should be about you and your blog and not my goings-on, eh? Sorry, the mind wandered a bit there which is apt to happen at my age and level of early onset dementia. Anyway, where was I?

    Oh yes! Your blog! Well, I'd be quite put out to see it end so perhaps as long as you didn't start posting confidential therapist/client privileged type stuff you could maintain it and make all of your loyal followers happy. After all, what would we do without your occasional doodle, etc? Truth be told, I can't be arsed to deal with Tumblr in addition to Twitter in addition to Blogger in addition to my job! Oh, and let's not forget Facebook where it's your move in Lexulous, shall we?? Meh.

  3. Claire, interesting anecdote. Freud had a phobia about looking people in the eye, and that's why he established the convention in psychoanalysis of the patient lying on the couch while the psychoanalyst sits behind. The Great Man's neurosis became one of the sacred rituals of psychoanalysis. Of course all that has changed now.

    Didn't know you were such a passionate gardener and knew so much about the veggies. A glimpse at yet another side (or piece) of the multi-faceted Claire. Like the others, I'd hate to see these whimsical, creative posts come to an end. But the prospect of you moving on with your life/profession and into new adventures is very appealing.

  4. You would get along well with my wife. She too is a gardener. I like to give her a hard time about it, but if a revolution comes or if the electrical grid goes down I guess the joke will be on me! :)

  5. You are a fine doodler and I'm sure will be a fine (very fine) therapist. Sad you'll have to end your blog tho - you should have been all incognito like moi ;) You'll have to start an anonymous one.

  6. We are in the same field of work.... ya believe that? Do you draw those doodles?

  7. It's 2:15 in the a.m. and I really want to do this and the Paradigm post justice, so I'm buzzing off to try and get some sleep - but I shall return! (After a gallon or so of very strong coffee!)

  8. @Yegianthattedone

    Hmmm I have been pondering it for a while, I would never blog about therapy/client relations but it would be daft to think that the occasional client type person wouldn't 'google' me and find this blog. Not that I am ashamed, embarrassed about anything I have wrote, it just doesn't feel right.

    Nothing is decided yet!

    @Linda, I eventually had a look at painting and it is AWESOME! She really captured his essence with that style.

    I obviously wouldn't post about confidential stuff, but as this is under my real name and I am very new to the world of counselling, I don't know what is appropriate. I write about personal things, stuff about my family, especially the mumborg, as you know. So no idea what I am going to do about the blog, I may let this one die and get reborn in another form?

    Any suggestions/advice would be great.

    @NP, Oh that is a VERY interesting anecdote, boy that Freud dude got a lot of things wrong didn't he? Seems he wanted to fix a lot of things, that were only broken in himself.

    My grandad was a very very keen gardener and vegetable grower and I loved helping out as a kid, then it became uncool, so I forgot how much I loved it. Then the mum started going once a week to an allotment (community garden) as part of her physical rehabilitation and she absolutely loves it. So if it makes her happy, seeing all the things grow, then the least I can do is lug things round the garden for her and learn something along the way :)

    @The Gangster of Lurvvvve
    Dude, what is your blog called again?...... You have the cheek to give your wife a hard time! Disgraceful!!! hehe :) I bet the wife gets to garden all year round with the weather you have?

    Hey dude! So nice to see you in these here parts. Obviously you are totally right about being anon from the start, if only I thought about it more at the beginning!

    Hey Dude, well considering your blog is rather eccentric (like mine) I have no trouble in believing that we have similar career paths :) Yes the doodles are indeedy doodled by me.

  9. @Gracie, enjoy your sleep and then really enjoy your coffee xxx

  10. Oh my! Claire - you just make me smiiiiiilllllleee! I absolutely adore your writing style and your wit! More, more!

    Your friendly zebra person:)


  11. @Susan/Zebra

    You make me smile too, I will try to write more, whether it is on this blog or another!

    Thank you for lovely compliments :)

  12. Love the Mental Health Monsters - you could develop a whole new therapeutic framework..

    "Ah, you have a Bogart problem, so what we need to do is a little CBT and introduce you to Dysfunctional Denzel... he will chase the Bogart away..."

    I once had a client who had one odd eye, you know a cross eye, the only way i could engage eye contact was to go cross-eyed too... I ended up talking to the door frame half the time!

    (still jet-lagged... but great to read your post and your doodles)

  13. just wanted to ask if your procrastination poltergeist wants to hang out with my procrastination muse, or will they just waffle on and not end up doing shite, DRAT!

    Love your doodle.

  14. @Juliana, Hey thanks for popping in, even with the jetlag!

    I would LOVE to create my own therapeutic framework, even if it was just for myself.

    Not sure I like the sound of Dysfunctional Denzel, I kind of like my Bogart, even if he is hairy and grumpy a lot of the times! :)


    Hey dude, I have missed you! I think they would just waffle on and do nob all, but they would have fun!

    Thanks for popping in, I need to catch up on the world of Jafa.

  15. You might check with Colorado Bob to see if he has some blue corn to go with all the other lovely things he is growing. If he doesn't have any seeds left, I can send you some

  16. Claire, I love your site. I find your doodles cheerful, colorful and endearing, which comes as no surprise. I will have to visit more often, now that I know what I've been missing.

  17. @Jamie

    Oh that is a great idea! Will have to check whether it would still okay weather to plant them this late in the season?


    Hey Melody, thanks for popping by and glad you like you what you see :)

  18. Cool on the garden! Ironically, although we live in the middle of the forest, nothing we plant here will grow. If it wasn't here before us, it's just doomed. Fortunately the forest is full of wildflowers. :)

  19. @Lana

    Hey lana :) From what I have seen of your little corner of the world, it is already perfect!

    I live in the UK equivalent of suburbia squeezed in-between two big cities, so any green is a treat for me!

    It had absobloodylutely pissed down (rained) for the last few days, so the garden is happy even if I am not, haha.