16 Sept 2010

One legged brain tumours

What do you call a one legged brain tumour?

Doris, Boris or Mumborg?


Ooops not in the best taste, but yes, the mumborg has a brain tumour (also only one leg, if you didn't know). This is not a tale I am unfamiliar with, let us go back in time.......(insert time travelling music, diddly doo diddly doo ~ erm think dream sequence noise in Wayne’s World).

There once was a little girl called Claire, she was six years old and her mum had a brain tumour. The doctors removed the brain, erm I mean tumour, and the mum was all better.

Fast forward back to the present time (diddly doo diddly doo etc etc)

There is a woman called Claire, who is 28 years old and her mum has a brain tumour. Okay things haven’t been that plain sailing since 1987, but I didn’t want to ruin the momentary fairytale moment. Meningioma is latest thing to be added to the list of ailments that the mumborg has. I have known for a few months now, but it was thought to be benign and not that bad as far as brain tumours go. The specialists have now decided that it may be malignant and a tad more serious.

What do you do when you get bad news? 
I write, I read, I hide on my own, I think, I drink and cry alone. Okay I don’t drink, it just rhymed and I went with it, being drunk would just make me feel worse. The thing that comes last on my list of ‘What I do’ is Talk. Putting what I am feeling into words that are spoken versus words that live in my head or written down, is a lot harder for me. In fact I would probably doodle a lot of pictures, before wanting to talk. Hence why it has took me awhile to write anything onto the blog, which has an audience and therefore almost like scary talking. I so wanted to make it past a year! A year without having to say that mumborg was ill again, just one year would have been great. I will find out late October time, what the plan of action is going to be. The specialist will probably have to try the suck it and see method, as there are a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to the mumborg. For now she is doing okay and is her usual cheerful upbeat self. This is just another bump in the very bumpy road that the mumborg powers along in her electric wheelchair. I'm okay if she is.

Let's talk about doodles, because they make me happy. In 2008 I doodled these doodles, illustrating a breast self exam and just the other week I had a few emails about whether people could use them. The old ones apparently appear a lot in google images and it is Breast Cancer awareness month soon, so seemed like a good time to do some new ones, as it is such a good cause!Please let me know if you, firstly like them and secondly want to use them, especially if you are writing about Breast Cancer awareness.

They can be found on their own page 'Breast Self Exam', please visit them and have read about other charity/awareness doodle type stuff. Here is a wee glimpse:


  1. When I get bad news I hang out with my dog and cats :) Writing and joking around also seems to help pretty well.

  2. I love the boobalicious breast cancer awareness doodles Claire. Not only wonderful art but a really important message. All around - artist and altruistic messenger - you rock!

    I am so sorry to hear about Mumborg (damn. I should have done the bad news bit first). I wish I could say something to make it better and I wish I could initiate the Wayne's World dream sequence to bring the Scooby Doo ending ("I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for the meddling of advanced 21st century medicine and the power of Mumborg's positivity!) or the superhappy ending where, y'know, cancer doesn't exist.

    Still, your mum sounds like a strong character and the future is unwritten. You just do what you need to do - write, talk, doodle and cry your eyes out if need be.

    Best wishes, big hugs and hail to Claire and her Mighty Mumborg! May the live long in love, good fortune, health and positivity. :) x

  3. Many people write when they are upset. Going for a walk helps too.
    Even though I don't come over here much, I do remember all the crap you and mumborg had to endure with her leg problem.

    "...if you, firstly like them and secondly want to use them..." You are referring to the doodles not your "girls" right?

  4. Sometimes i hold in my feelings when I get bad news. I can totally relate about the not talking thing. I'm sorry to hear that Mum has to go through this. I'm hoping it is less serious than they think and it can be nipped in the bud.

    Nice boobs, btw...

  5. I write upset too, brings up some interesting stuff :)

  6. I always write when I'm upset. My Mom had a cancer scare early this year. Hope it will turn out to be ok for your Mom too Claire. Waiting to find out was awful.

  7. I just hope everything will be OK with your Mum and I wish you the best xxxx

  8. Thinking of you,

  9. I am not a talker either when it comes to bad news or to things that aren't as cheery. I only turn to a selected few. Doodling, writing & music are a good distractions for me.

    Ooh I really liked to see the difference between the 2008 doodles and the 2010 doodles ^_^! You did leave something out of the booby doodles hehe...

    I'm sending all my positive thoughts to your Mum!! She's such a strong lady! I truly hope you can leave this in the past soon.


  10. Oh dear, it's never simple with the Mumborg is it? But, if she's keeping a stiff upper lip and carrying on in her usual cheery manner then it wouldn't do for you to be down and out - though I can certainly see where you would be. Sometimes that whole "put on a happy face" is a lot harder than it looks.

    I do find it rather ironic though that you wish to go into counseling where people actually HAVE to talk about their feelings and you would rather not talk about yours if at all possible. Ah irony - gots to love it!

    As for the boobs - they're all very nicely shaped and quite symmetrical which I don't believe is the case in real life - do you have misshapen breasts to examine?? ;-)

  11. Hi Claire,
    I am not a good talker when bad things happen, or any other time really. I too, like to pick up a pencil. I dont know what to say except that my heart goes out to you and your mum.

    --Of course your doodles are wonderful and helpful.

  12. Writing when upset is awesome. It helps in so many ways. I am sorry about the news.

    I do ♥ the doodles.

  13. I don't know how to react when a friend gives bad news. Should I be upbeat? Should I be passive? Should I rant and rave and cuss? Will I sound empathetic or just pathetic? You know how I feel about you and your mom. I'll let you take it from there.
    ~~I started blogging trying to come to grips with my "issues," (read BiPolar), and Doug's death. Writing has always been my safety net.
    ~~Really admire your doodly-doos. Hope someone can be helped.
    (Love to your whole family, dearest Claire)

  14. Oh Claire, to use one of your own words, thats just 'pants'. Like everyone else who has commented, I wish you and yours well and it is indeed no more than just a bump in the road.

    For much of my life, I never spoke about my feelings because I never knew what they were. I could do emotions but not feelings. Now I am in touch with them - and also others feelings as well. What I do know 100% is that it is important to express those feelings. Some people express by the spoken word, others make music, draw, paint, whatever works for them. Me? I walk purposefully and chatter out loud to the crows, get it out of the jumble in my head and then I write it down. As long as it is out of my head, I have lessened the potential for damage.
    The real knack is acceptance of what is rather than living in the projection of what might be.
    Smiles and blessings to you and your family.

  15. @Lindsay: No furry creatures here, I may have to draw some and hang out with them :) Thanks for popping in and introducing me to your mums blog.

    @James: Oh James, you do say the nicest things! I wouldn't say that I am truly altruistic though. I wouldn't say no to someone offering me a bajillion dollars to be a professional doodler! Ha.

    Hey I don't mind which your round you write a comment, tis all good! You are just one of the people that inspire and encourage me to keep on doodling, through the good, bad and ugly times. It does help! Hmm mighty mumborg I like that, will probably end up as doodle fodder.

    @Lisleman, Yup writing does indeed help, I walk a lot too (in my mind). I think you know which things I meant :)

    @Lois, I hope some of those feelings escape into your artwork (all your quilty goodness). Being creative definitely helps me!

    I hope it can be sorted easily too!

    Thanks for thinking my boobs are nice :) :)

    @David Tieck, Hey David thanks for popping in. Luckily no one has seen the really upset stuff, I would be mistaken for a 15 year old Emo, ha.

    @Laura, Hey Dude! Sorry to hear about your mum's scare. I hope she is well now? Yep this waiting is a bastard!

    @Dana, Hey Dana, I really appreciate you popping in and saying that :) :)

  16. @Fromthesamesky: Much obliged dude, I know you are floating about in the cyber aether thinking good thoughts and it means a lot :)

    @TJ: Yup I definitely think we use some of the same coping tools! Hooray for doodles!

    You are the only one to notice that so far, ahahaha. I only took it out of the doodle though, just so it wouldn't confuse any new people if they are used elsewhere, hehe.

    Your loveliness and positivity really helps!

    @Linda: Nope never simple for the mumborg! I am not even sure it is a stiff upper lip, she really just doesn't let these things get to her. If work starts on the house and she has to go into hospital, she remark on how fortunate that would be!

    People should only go into therapy when they are ready to talk about things though, they want to talk. Well that is the way that it is suppose to work. But believe me, the irony is not wasted on me :), hey dude/fellow picker up of a pencil. Is the drawing a conscious thing when you are upset or do you just do it and get lost in the drawing?

    Thanks for thinking of me and the mum!

    Also for liking the doodles :)

    @Bemistified, hey thanks for popping in and taking the time to read the post/comment!

    Hooray for liking the doodles!

    @Gracie: Your support has been wonderful, myself and mumborg absolute love and appreciate it. You have made mum smile so may times with your thoughtfulness!

    @Juliana, Yes PANTS indeed, I would say bloody pants, but that sounds rather disgusting! hah.

    You make such a good point about not talking about feelings, because you are not sure WHAT they are. I think this is something a lot people struggle to articulate, myself included. Also with news like this everything is a bit of a roller-coaster, so what is being felt one moment, is replaced by something else the next. I wrote a few drafts of this post and the first few are/were far to raw for this blog, but I am glad I wrote them.

    Like yourself I now walk in my head, or walk in real life, write things down and then draw things. It takes a while to get them out of my head, but at least I can nowadays. A few years ago everything would still be locked in the vault.

    Thanks for a lovely thoughtful comment as always!

  17. Sorry to hear about your mom! Keeping you and her in my thoughts.

  18. Claire-so sorry to hear this latest about your mom. I'm only hoping that it is benign, not malignant. I imagine the doctors won't know for sure until they do the surgery. Words do seem so lacking in these situations. I just wish you and your mom the best.

  19. Claire,

    You might want to read Sean Holton's blog "Same Time Tomorrow" started last year with his diagnosis of a brain tumor and all the subsequent events

    He is also on Face Book. He is a wonderful man and the writings are filled with the wisdom, fear, sadness, joy, exhileration ... name the emotion, it's there. He might be really good company for you now.

  20. I'm sorry that you and your Mom had to receive bad news like this. When I get bad news, I like to retreat into myself and wrap my head around what is going on. My friends and family don't really appreciate this because I retreat for a little while. I will definitely keep your Mom in my prayers. Thank you for sharing such a private matter with all of us.

  21. Sorry to hear about the mumborg. When I get bad news, I make the puppies cuddle with me and have a good cry until they say, "Omg...enough already, Lady!" I'm definitely not one to talk about it with other people til I'm all done processing the information and making sense of it for myself. You and mumborg are in my thoughts.

    On another note...I love the breast cancer doodles! If the library would let me show doodle boobs, I'd put it on the poster I'm making for the occasion.

  22. Your heartfelt writing is probably the best catharsis, not only for you, but for those who lack the courage or ability to purge through in this manner. Please know that many hearts are with you and your Mom. Focus on your college work as well because you have much to offer in a sometimes dimly-lit world.

  23. hey, girl. you rock. thanks for enriching my webby travels. my best thoughts for you and yours

  24. Hello, I love your blog and how you approach such important issues. Very well done. I follow you with happiness.

    I wish you peace,

  25. Sorry to hear about this. Personally I wouldn't be able to do it. I pretty much lock myself from the world when/if I lose someone close to me. Hope all goes well/gets better!

  26. @Erika: Hey dude, thanks for popping and thinking of me and the mumborg! Was thinking the other day how long we have 'known' each other now in blog world! Tis ages.

    @NP: Hey Mr NP, here is to hoping for the same thing. Not many words are necessary, its just nice knowing people are thinking of me and the mumborg.

    @Jamie: Hey Jamie that is a fantastically written blog, he seems like such a wonderful man. Much thanks for recommending it to me!

    @Tough Cookie Mommy: Hey it sounds like we are a bit similar when it comes to handling things. You definitely have to go with what works for you in situations like this, even if it is difficult for others to understand at the time. It is private in one way, but I like to think that you can share this type of thing and hopefully help other people going through similar issues.

    @Lovy: Hey those sound like damn smart puppies and great company in times of need!

    Hah! I would love my boob doodles to appear in your library, that would be cool! I would doodle less naughty ones, but they wouldn't be the same without full doodle nudity, well nearly full nudity. I could have been naughtier!

    Would love to see the poster anyways!

    @AskCherlock: Wow thanks for such a lovely comment. I really do hope that it helps other people who are ill, or have loved ones that are ill. Blogging about it helps me immensely. I wait until I feel safe to write about it, crying whilst typing is a pain in the arse :)

    @Parabolic Muse: You rock! Anyone that leaves comments like that, is cool in my book :) :)

    @Isha: Thanks for popping by and leaving a lovely comment.

    @Rico: Hey dude, I definitely have moments that leave me feeling like that, but in the end, talking/writing about it all really does help. Thanks for the comments and the well wishes! :)

  27. I am not sure what to say, except we should have a beer together soon. This is all super heavy stuff.... I want a blue moon on tap with a slice of orange in it.... as far as the boobs go... I want #3 boobs... the stand on their own alone boobs (all natural of course).... Miss you dearly friend... love Callie

  28. Hey @ Callie Ann

    Please have that beer on ice! I loved that Blue Moon. Not sure I tried it with the slice of orange? But now I really want to!

    I miss you too dude, stay well!!!


  29. You are loved. Tell me what that is like. Please.

  30. I can totally relate to the not talking part. I write, play the piano, and work out like mad until I have my feelings under control, then I can talk about it. I really hope your mum's gonna be ok.

  31. @rielouise

    Hey thanks for commenting, hmm that is a difficult thing to sum up? and I am not sure I know in what context you mean! Please elaborate so I can answer :)

    @thoughts etc
    Wow you sound like you have a lot of very cool coping strategies when it comes to working out issues, which is great! I think everyone is so different when it comes to coping, it can be difficult sometimes for other people to deal with how you yourself cope. I know some people find it difficult that I am not a talker.

  32. Oh crap, UNFAIR! Ok, shout over. I really hope your mum will be ok. When I get news like that I make like Forrest Gump and walk/run for miles and miles. So much energy accumulates with bad news that I feel like I will explode otherwise. I'm not entirely sure that I've ever actually dealt properly in words and stuff, but I'm currently learning to. All the very best to you and your family.

  33. I remember the boob girls well. Wished I had her perky boobs