11 Jan 2012

I love Ewe

I love ewe (web)
Hey guys, hope that 2012 is treating ewe well so far?

2011 ended with the great build starting and mumborg going into hospital. To elaborate, the house is being made disabled friendly, with ramps installed, doors being widened, wet room added downstairs and the kitchen being kitted out with things suitable for those of wheelchair height. A lot of planning was needed to get this off the ground, but things are going well so far! 

Mumborg was not meant to be in hospital, as she was meant to be staying with one of my sisters and keeping out of the way of the building work. Unfortunately she got quite ill and had to go into hospital once more, but she had managed a whole two years without a hospital stay, which is a new record for her. She is on the mend now and has been moved to hospital for rehabilitation and physiotherapy for a few weeks. The hope is that the building work finishing coincides with her coming out of hospital and enjoying the new, but old, house.
Pain in the ass (web)
The building work and hospital stuff slowed down my The Doodologist stuff, well not the ideas and plans, just the time and space to have my paints and pens out. So I had a bit of time to play around with some digital arty farty stuff. Ewe can see examples of it, in this very post. They have been created using GIMP ( like photoshop, but free) and various public domain vintage/antique illustrations, with free clip art and textures thrown in too. These particular ones have a slight Valentines/Love theme, but more to be added. If you have any specific questions, feel free to fling them my way.
stuck on you (web)
Now that the downstairs is empty and the builders have free reign with the house, I have free reign to unleash the pens, paints and doodles. So excuse me, the doodle cave is calling. Please follow my updates via facebook/twitter to be more regularly updated on all things arty/farty.
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Fuck the end of the world predictions, the world is not ending this year.


  1. Having the builders in may have been annoying but if it meant you getting time to play with the Gimp (ooh-er!) and hone your genius with excellently corny jokes then it really wasn't all bad. I particularly like the leech. I hope you'll be making these into cards young lady!

    Glad also to see your mum is on the mend and coming home to a newly sorted house. Brilliant.

  2. @Pat: Hey Dude! Oh the builders aren't even half way yet, but as there is nothing left for me to shift or pack, I am presuming it will free up time for me, if I can cope with the noise! hehe.

    Just glad that people seem to appreciate my mix of corny humour mixed with the vintage stuff. The leech is my favourite too! Have some more ideas along the parasitic lines :)

    Yes I was thinking cards, just deciding what papery stuff I should use for them and all that stuff.

    Can't wait for the house to be done, so the mum can roam/wheel free. Even thinking of getting a helping hand dog to replace me! ha.

    Hope you are well?

  3. Oh ... that's a leech ... I thought it was a withered pepper!

    Sounds as if your year ended/started with a bang (yes, pun intended for the noisy movers!) but I think that just means it's building up (yep, another pun!) to be a fantastic year for you!

    Hopefully your mum will be home at the same time that the renovations to the house are completed and with everything all at her height and conveniently within reach she'll be the one making tea for you!

  4. out of the three I like the ass the best.
    Wishing you and Mumborg the best. Sounds like lots of noise, dust and activity.

  5. @Linda, I am ashamed of you! How could you not know it was a leech and therefore not appreciate my most excellent pun!!

    (dad thought it was a pepper too, so did another friend, but you are all wrong I say!!)

    It most certainly is going to be an excellent year!

    That is the plan for the kitchen, putting that woman to work! haha :)

    @Lisleman, I could make a joke about Ass, but I wont! Thanks muchly for well wishes, hopefully all the noise and dust will be worth it :)

  6. I agree, we both have far too many drawings to do for the world to end this year, pffft!

    1. Exactly!! and I am planning a big trip towards the end of the year, so would be mightily pissed off if that got cancelled, due to death and/or destruction.