5 Apr 2012

Smoking modems and doodles

As I am a lackadaisical blogger, you will not know or care that I was without the interwebs for five dark and scary days this past week. It well and truly scuppered my plans to blog at least once a month, so boo to that. Not sure what actually caused the modem to start smoking, maybe it inhaled too much building dust.

What has changed since I last blogged? Hmmm.. Well all the building has now finished, hoorah! Just some random boxes to unpack and the loft of doom needs some reshuffling. The mumborg is still in hopsital, but should be home very soon. As she is rather weak after this latest round of shenanigans, she will be needing a bit more help, so just waiting on some extra equipment for that. Once she is back home, it will be no doubt take a wee while to back into a routine, but luckily I can doodle around whatever schedule we come up with. Looking forward to mumborg being able to make the most of a wheelchair friendly home. Strange to think that in four months, mum has been in and out of intensive care a few times, whilst the house has been knocked down and built back up again. I am sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.

The Doodologist
As time is hurtling by at an almost vomit inducing pace, I thought it was time to catch up a wee bit on my doodologist projects, past, present and future.

A previous project
Using doodles to create quirky business cards, the business in question this time was.... cupcakes.
A simple doodle, plus a wee bit of photoshop/gimp magic, allows one to create a totally unique business card. It may be tempting to use cheap generic business cards, but where is the fun in that. I know that my business cards (seen here) have been great little conversation starters, which has led to business contacts and commissions.
cupcake 5

A recent commission
This doodle commission was a birthday surprise, it never fails to warm the cockles of my soul, when people put so much thought into the doodles that they commission me to create. It is without a doubt a wonderfully collaborative process.
Ruth's Birthday doodle 2

A present/future project
The photograph below is a wee clue as to what my largest doodling project has been of late.

The Doodologist and Dogstar Foundation

Lots more to come about this project, just love these photographs, courtesy of  Dogstar Foundation

Random Spotify playlist test:


  1. Well, sporadic blogger or not, I knew that you were gone and quite missed you! Good thing that the kids were there to keep you occupied whilst you were in the dark and without electronic communications! At least the timing was good for that, eh?

    Lovely new projects that you've been doodling away on and funny that two of them should involve cupcakes. Are they all the rage over there just as they are here in the states??

    Yay for the Mumborg coming home soon to a newly accessible house but boo to the needing more help due to the latest rounds of shenanigans. I hope she's able to regain her strength soon and no doubt she'll feel much better at home surrounded by her things and folks who love her versus being in hospital.

    So - welcome back! Please don't go away I can ... I just can't take it!!

    1. Well I knew one or two of my blogger/FB friends would notice something. Yeah the timing wasn't that bad, as having the kids here certainly takes away spare interweb time.

      Cupcakes are huge over here too, I think they are taking over the world, as it doesn't seem to be a fad that is fading.

      Definitely looking forward to the mumborg being home and enjoying the house, she also needs to whip the garden back into shape.

      I will try not to disappear again :)

  2. It's good to see the blog up for at least a while. You have been doing wonderful things. Hope the Mumborg will be much more comfortable once home again.

    1. Hey Jamie, I have missed not blogging more, there is definitely something therapeutic about writing stuff down :)

      Hoping that for Mumborg too xx

  3. Looking good Claire! I can't complain about your lack of posts as I'm not exactly a regular myself these days...

    That and smoking computers - my old one died in December.

    Yay to having the Mumborg home soon to a shiny new home!

    1. Thanks Alison! Although not a regular blogger any more, I still love it, do you?

      Oh noes about smoking computer, tis awful!

      Yay about Mumborg, just needs to hurry up now.

  4. Claire, love the whimsicality and playfulness of your most recent doodles. You seem a very different person from the one I first encountered three short years ago at BC. Hope things settle down again when your Mom is finally able to return home and that her health steadily improves and stabilizes.

    1. Hey NP, nice to see you popping by :) Well I would hate to be a stagnant beast that never evolved, that would be no fun at all :)

      I think the move away from BC was just what I needed, that place was a time/soul suck of a place.

      Thanks about mum! I hope you are well?