13 Aug 2012

Button Moon and other randomness

Greetings blog like chums, new and old, some very old and some very new. Also some decidedly spammy like, you can sod right off.

Button 3
Hey what is all this about buttons? Well I am rather obsessed with Pinterest (don't follow me on there unless you actually want to be bombarded with TONS of things, but if that does appeal, feel free to follow away crpitt on Pinterest). There are lots and lots of fun projects to found on there and a particular button one caught my eye (found here). So off I ran (to ebay), ordered many a button and created my own versions. I have a few more in the pipeline, so will do a buttontastic update in the near future. I am hoping to start adopting peoples old unwanted button collections too.....

Buttons also evoke memories of days gone by, when I was just a wee doodler, eating crayons and dribbling (last week?), so others might also remember the random world of Button Moon...

I am always after ideas and ways of expanding my business 'The Doodologist' and this is just the type of thing that appeals to me, full of fun and colour! Although I do worry that constantly adding new ideas to the business, leaves people wondering 'What does she actually do?'. At the moment the answer to that question is ... Lots! I am trying to find a happy balance between the doodle commissions (which I love) and a steady stream of quirky crafty projects. So I hope that people will continue to like what I am doing and continue to offer invaluable advice and support! I absolutely love that my friends (online and offline), family and likerers often send me new ideas to play with, so please keep doing that.

Latest Projects:

A is for Apple: Personalised Apple ornaments for teachers
Hanging Apples

B is for Bride: A wedding doodle commission

Mr and Mrs King

C is for Carrot (there is one there!): A birthday doodle commission
Katie Collage
D is for Daddy : A 50th Birthday Doodle Commission
Mr Nicholson

E is for Engineering: A Congratulations Doodlesgtr1

F is for Fantastic: A Birthday Doodle for a very cool lad.
Harry 3

Ta da! I hope you enjoyed having a peek at my latest commissions, you can follow the links to see more pictures and/or hop over to the book of faces and follow my almost daily wafflings there The Doodologist and on twitter The Doodologist.

What is next? I have some lovely doodle commissions to crack on with, then some lovely button like projects, plus my prize winners prizes AND some secret projects! The secret projects are very cool and I am really hoping that I have time to develop them before this Christmas.

Other news.... Oh I would be remiss to not mention that I am sodding off to America for six weeks, but more on that soon!

Toodle Pip!!


  1. "Sodding off to America" ... well, I guess that's one way to put it!

    Still quite love the Button Letters probably because they are so colorful and fun and have such a great textured look to them! Out of curiosity, how do they weigh as they look as though they might be heavy.

    Very interested to see what you are conjuring up for Christmas this year. If it's anything like last year's keys and reindeer potion I am sure whatever it is will be quite cool and very creative!

    1. Ha, my own unique way of putting it :)

      So pleased you like the buttons, I wasn't sure what other people would think (especially grown ups), but so far people love them! Even my best mate wants one for her belated birthday present!

      They are in fact super light, especially the one on canvas. Maybe because modern buttons are light, due to the plastic? I will weigh one when I get a chance.

      It wont be the end of the world if they are not out this Christmas, as that will mean more time to perfect the ideas for next year! But you will no doubt hear all about them when I am over :)

  2. I hope we are all welcoming for you. I assume you have probably been over here before. I just did a pinterest post today. It is a very fast growing site. safe travels

    1. I am hoping for a parade when I land, is that expecting too much? Yes I was over in 2008 for a few weeks :)

      Will pop over and read your post!

  3. I have buttons! You can have them. Though I doubg they are as cheery in color, you may find something useful in the jar. Do you mind if I send them to Linda O? To save on some shipping oversees charges?!

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh how cool! I love a good mix of colours, so any would be awesome!

      That would be cool to send them to Linda's :) :)

  4. Buttons, buttons, buttons!! I think this can be a new type of new bubble phrase ^_^ Hehe. You already know my thoughts on the buttons and I can't wait to see what projects you will do with them.

    The States is almost here!!! :D So excited for you and I can't wait to read the next post!

    1. Yes, buttons could be the new bubbles! But man we still need to work on THAT project!

      I wish you where here so that we could brainstorm all my new ideas, it would be so much more fun that way.

      Can't believe it almost states time, this year is going by too fast!