19 Sept 2012

Annoying holiday countdown time

button collage
You know those god awful countdown posts that people put on facebook, the ones telling you how many sleeps till their shitty holiday (vacation for nonhumans, I mean Americans). Well guess bloody what?  39 sleeps till mine! Woobloodyhoo! Plus mine is six sweet weeks long. I was going to put up an even more annoying countdown widget, but the ones I found told me it is actually 29 days till I go and I feel rather sick with panic now! Yikes! 

The rough travel itinerary can be found over here, do have a read. Hopefully I get to meet up with lots of my blogging chums, if there are any points on the map/itinerary that you fancy, please come and play out! I will be updating facebook, twitter etc with my more immediate plans for the day, so keep an eye on @crpitt for twitterings and The Distracted Wanderer for book of faces (this page belongs to my chaffuer for the trip).  I wish I could see every single person that I have befriended across the pond, but without that lottery win it's just not possible. The good thing about not seeing everyone on this trip, is that I have to do it again. 

In the meantime, things are busy over at The Doodologist, I have SO much to do before I hop across the pond,  I am even doing a craft fair whilst I am over there, which means coming up with some ideas that appeal to an American audience. As well as some lovely doodle commissions, I have buttontastic letters to create, magic keys to magic, potions to produce and some other cool stuff. 

Here are some of my most recent offerings! 

Rhiannon's birthday doodle - This is an A4 doodle commission for a 13 year old girl. Rhiannon 1
 More details and pictures here: Happy Birthday Rhiannon

Thomas's birthday doodle - This is an A3 doodle commission for a 13 year old boy, who just happens to be the older brother of Harry

Thomas 5
More details and pictures here: Happy Birthday Thomas

Untimely Button Letter: A special button letter commission for my best chum Lynsey, it was a very belated birthday present and my favourite button letter so far. 
Time Button Letter

More Buttontastic stuff found here.. Buttontastic 

So in the next few weeks, I will be very busy on an arty farty front, which is awesome.  I am slightly apprehensive about going away for so long, I shall also worry about the mumborg, money and whether I will eat so much food, that I warrant an extra seat on the flight home. 

Other things to do, must remember to do my ESTA this week, hopefully they decide to let me in the country. I have already checked that my passport is valid, thought I might have to renew and have to endure horrifying new passport photographs, but I get to do that in January instead (phew). Bought my travel insurance ages ago, need to print out or make note of the policy number. Hmmm what else? Think I need a new suitcase, strangely enough, will be going for a smaller one, as the current beast is too big and I will just fill it with crap and go over my baggage allowance. Change some of my buttons into dollars, they do accept buttons as valid currency? Buggered if they don't! 

I am off for now, I am sure I will update again, before I bog off.


  1. You know, if you ever desire a second career, you could be a snarky columnist! You have such a great way with words!!!

    I think your little ballerina will be quite pleased with her birthday doodle!

  2. Les oooops! (French accent, please!) I meant to say ice skater!

    1. I knew what you meant and it was lovely of you to say!

      Ahhh how fun would it be, to be a snarky columnist!