4 Mar 2015

Blogging blog bloggy blog

Blog more regularly she said, she loves blogging she said, she misses blogging.... 

All that is true! But for some reason I have been remiss in starting to blog again. So enough excuses, there are too many brilliant things coming up this year, that deserve more than the odd tweet to memorialise them. Not for the odd person that reads this, but for me! This blog is the best version of a diary I have ever found that works for me and I miss being able to read back on my own wafflings ( to help me remember shit).

I wandered down to the Albert Docks yesterday and literally had the cobwebs blown away (hence the hairy photograph). This was after a lovely meeting with a doodle client that put things into perspective for me. More about that in the not to distance future.

Having no computer or laptop at home now (it lives at the studio), means that I can't fall into my witching hour blogging, so I am writing this on my phone. 

Last night was our monthly studio meeting (at Hazlehurst Studios, where my studio is) and one of the topics was in fact blogging and providing content for use online. I was harping on about needing information from everyone else, without actually providing any myself, which was rather naughty. 

Tomorrow is a doodle day for me, with some proposal writing (brain hurty). On Friday I am running off to Preston to find out more about the Big Lunch Extra program, of which I am now a part of. Over the weekend I shall ponder what to blog about next, or less pondering and more blogging in a journal like way, who knows. 


  1. I need to come back also. I am loosing my grandkids and memories to time flying by. Damned Facebook is messing with me. I need a routine in my life.