26 Jul 2016

C.R.Pitt Designs

Update post from me at last! Introducing my new online shop over on Etsy and how I got to there in the first place.

I have now been based at the wonderful Hazlehurst Studios in Runcorn for the past three years, working on community art and garden projects, as well as my own commissioned work.

I originally started life in the creative world as a blogger, which started because of my counselling training. This turned into a doodling career as 'The Doodologist', thanks to the Prince's Trust Enterprise programme. I still love doodling and I am working on some designs and ideas behind the scenes at the moment.

C.R.Pitt Designs was born from my love of buttons. What started as a lonely jar of buttons, has led to friends, from all over the place, sending me their own beautiful old collections of family buttons. Sorting through old buttons, brings up so many memories, that I find it very thought provoking and wanted a way of capturing those memories into something beautiful. I then started adding broken watch parts and real/costume jewellery into the mix, to add even more of a personal touch

I started playing around with pressed flowers after working on gardening projects and having a new found appreciation of the beauty of all things floral. Just like buttons, flowers promote strong feelings and memories. They are soft and delicate with beautiful colours, which only last for a fleeting amount of time, unless you do something to preserve them.  At the moment I have only pressed a small amount myself and get the majority from a lovely lady and her beautiful cottage garden.

Gemstones, sea glass, seashells are just a few of the other materials that I have recently started to play with, as this adds even more dimension to the pieces that I create, from a wider colour palette, to adding personal touches that includes birthstones.

On some of my other special pieces, I have started to make handmade embellishments. These may look like paper, but they are in fact acrylic. At the moment, my experiments have been based upon using vintage illustrations that are in the public domain. I have had a life long fascination with the older illustrations, marvelling at the skill they had with limited resources and reference materials.

If you have any special requests or general questions, then please get in touch! In the meantime, please stalk my instagram and facebook pages, oh and give the Etsy page a favourite too.

Facebook: C.R.Pitt Designs 
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  1. My goodness. Three years? And such an interesting path that has gotten you to where you are today! It's so great to have been there to watch your talent bloom and grow as you just get better and better with every button you touch!

  2. Three years I thought that also.. I am going to your Etsy now to check it out. Since I haven't been around to much lately... all these blogs I use to go to now say I have to be invited. Are these blogs no longer in service or do I have to get permission. Hope thingsd are going well in your world. Disclosure Bollocks... I have to check that out also.