About Me

Welcome to the section that is all about me (update in May 2019)

 I am an Artist based in the North West of England (Widnes/Runcorn, which is near Liverpool). 

 I am based at Hazlehurst Studios WebsiteInstagramTwitter,  Facebook 

 I work with Pressed Flowers - My online shop is over on Etsy,  Instagram,  Twitter,  Facebook 

 I Doodle as 'The Doodologist'  Website InstagramTwitter , Facebook

 I run a Community Garden Project called 'Old Town Bloomers'

 I use Social Media a lot

I have had this blog since 2006, it has changed style and theme many times, but has been an invaluable tool over the years. 


  1. Just in case you are thinking 'I am bloody sure I have commented here'

    The old about me was just backdated post, this is now a new shiny page.

    Old comments were much appreciated and will be stored forever here:

    Old About Me

  2. Hey Claire (or is it carpet?) Just poppin' by to say hi. I love your "about me" page! Written with so much character. I'll definitely be following you from here on in (not in a stalking way, I!). Oh, and be sure to let me know when you have written your "30 things to do before I'm 30" list :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your blog is super colorful and neet. Are you into art therapy?

  4. @Getty72 either works :) I still need to work on that list, I want to start it by October.

    @P Thompson Hello! Thanks for the compliment :) I am just getting into Art Therapy now, hopefully it is something that I can develop further :)

  5. Okay....contributing already! Really, this is great stuff and I will be checking in often. Your humor is fresh and fun and I love the doodles. Just reading through your 'About me' has me hooked, so it seems I have plenty to catch up on. Drop by Would love to hear from you!

  6. @Tara - Hey thanks for popping and leaving a comment! Always a good way to get my attention :)

    I shall pop over to your place asap :)

  7. How is it that I'm just now following your blog???

    (Carpet...I never read it that way, but now...hehe)

  8. @Vicki

    Hey dude, Thanks for hopping (hopping...hehe) over and having a look. I myself get lost on the way to many blogs I mean to check out. So you may have feel into that very same trap!

    I don't help myself with the carpet thing haha

  9. Hi there.

    My Internet Map/Choose Your Own Adventure Route = Therapy Tales Blog-->Therapy Tales Twitter-->Your Twitter-->Your Blog.

    I'll be reading on up.

  10. Hey Ania, I must say that I LOVE that you left me a map! Hmm I wish I kept track of how I came across some of the blogs that I read.

  11. I have been a not so secret afmirer for over 2 years going on 3 now. I admire your authenticity and your creativity Claire. IMO your blog is one of the best personal development blogs I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Long may you blog. :)

  12. Hi Claire/Carpet, good to find you, I goggled locus of evaluation and here you are.... What an amazing form of expression, I am doing my counselling and psychotherapy training down south, its such a journey....
    Trying to get the person centred theory under my skin, i am good with the practical just the damm theory, I guess it just falls into place but Im feeling impatient and questioning my abilities of being a student, there is soooooo much work to be done, internal and external, any tips welcome :-)

  13. Hey Melanieeeeeeee! I may have added to many 'e's' then, hehe.

    Isn't it strange where you end up when you google things. I definitely recommend blogging, especially if like me, you struggle with keeping a journal.

    Ah Person Centred Theory is something that I struggled to get my head around, especially locus of evaluation! I am presuming you have read lots of Carl Rogers by now? If not, then that is where you must start. Especially his book 'On becoming a person'. You have to read this stuff in order to translate it to something that works for you.

    It does just fall into place, a light bulb will go off at random moments!

  14. Love the new "about" page, and the Doodologist and (as always) everything you do.

    Here are some cookies.

    Speak soon.


  15. Drawing on the computer is hard already.