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Stay well, check yourself!
I was inspired by this old post and a few lovely emails, so I decided to redoodle some Breast Self Exam doodles. Please let me know if you want to use them, especially if you are writing about Breast Cancer awareness or even just supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

If you would like to see how I developed the idea from the original 2008 doodles to the present ones, then guess what?!! You can! I have created a flickr set showing the process, you can click the link or watch the slideshow below: From brain to blog

Charity/Awareness Doodles:
I have set up a flickr set for the doodles I have done that fit into the charity/fundraising/awareness category: Charity Doodles . I LOVE doing this type of doodle, if it gives a charity or certain subject even one extra second of someone's attention, then it is well worth it. Check it out, tell me what you think. I have a few other ideas and projects on the go, so it should soon be full of doodles!

For more information about these doodles please go to Self Exam Doodles, it is the new home for the doodles that encourage you to touch yourself!

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  1. I remember the post and I love this!

  2. Holy crap...

    Hottest doodle ever and for a good cause!

    I'm going to examine my boo... testicles instead.

    How's that? Maybe I'll doodle that and put it up! Ok, no I won't.

  3. Are absolutely magnificent!!! Excellent idea...maybe .. if I was to decide to write something about ovarian cancer, often fatal, which may affect women around the world .. I know that you have the courage to draw them .. smiles

    Wishing you the Best!


  4. I just LOVE these!! They are fun, colourful and simply lovely and they bring forth an important message! Just perfect.

    You know, I seriously love the hair, Claire! Oooh that rhymed!! I also love the dress! Can I have a dress like that please?


  5. Funtastic doodles for a great cause - what a wonderful idea.

    I nearly lost a good friend from breast cancer a couple of years ago - just shows how important it is to raise awareness about this illness. Keep up the good work!

  6. Aw Claire, you already know how I feel about these, I hope you get oodles of publicity. I do the Beast Cancer race for Life every year with a small group of girlfriends. Next one is April. I wonder if we could get these screen printed onto a T-shirt?

    As for other charities, we actively support the Orchid Trust - testicular cancer - the biggest killer amongst young men. How about doodling for that? Would happily help you geth these 'out there'.
    Keep paying it forward girl!
    Smiles and blessings

  7. @Timethief: Thanks muchly! Always appreciated.

    @Phoenix: Hottest doodle? You haven't lived haha. Don't worry I will be doodling testicles soon :)

    @Dyeve: Hey Dude, On thanks for that! If there was something I could doodle for Ovarian cancer screening or awareness then I definitely would! Just let me know.

    @TJ: Much obliged Doodle Mentor! It is funny that you the hair, because I like the colour but it still doesn't have the detail or the movement that I really want (like your ones!). I always need to practice new hairstyles, I find them very tricky for some reason.

    @Funkkee: Hey Dude, Thanks for dropping in! I was definitely going for a fun vibe, so I am happy to have achieved that.

    Sorry to hear about your friend, but super glad that she is still with you, that is wonderful.

    @Juliana: Hey, screen print away! How many are in the group?

    I already have the testicular exam doodles on my list, just wondering how to go about it. I don't know much about the Orchid Trust, although I have heard of it. I will have to research more on this subject!

    Much much thanks for all your support it means a lot :)

  8. I saw boobies! Seriously though, my 32 yo Aunt died from breast cancer and I found out from my dad on the way to college when I was 18 yo. BTW, that is fucking bullshit!

    So I love this cause. Excellent artwork Claire. I told some of the Twitter awareness groups to take a look over here.

    Oh, and I plan to do an exam tonight. We'll see if the wife lets me. :))

  9. @Beer Drinker Rob

    Hey dude, boobies bring all sorts to the yard, you hook them in with tantalising doodles and hopefully they leave tantalised, titivated and a wee bit informed :)

    Very sorry to hear about your aunt, gosh that was bloody young :(

    Thanks for giving the doodles a shout out and I hope you thoroughly checked your wife out, the lucky gal will be able to check you out when I doodle the testicular ones.

  10. Why do I feel like a skeezey Peeping Tom when I look at these?