23 Nov 2006

Counselling Homework. The Answer

Hello, my apologies to everyone waiting for this!(i know there is millions of you waiting!lol).
I have had a mad week of running around like a crazy woman. My sister is visiting at the moment so have been catching up with her and a million other things!

So where are we up to? aah yes!

What is counselling?
  1. It is a relationship.
  2. It is a special form of communication.
  3. It involves active listening.
  4. It is a helping relationship.
  5. It is a confidential form of helping.
  6. It is based on the principle of empowerment.
  7. It means helping people to clarify and address their problems.
  8. It is guided by theories about the causes of problems, and the methods needed to help.

How does it differ from other helping relationships?

  • some helping relationships involve giving advice, counselling doesn't.
  • Other helping relationships may not have the same kind of boundaries i.e. confidentiality.
  • There may be a conflict of interests in other helping relationships in which the helper might be judgemental.
  • Other helpers may not be objective.
  • There is an absence of mutual expectations in counselling, which may not be true of other relationships.
  • counsellors do not impose conditions or expectations upon clients, whilst other helpers may expect their clients to behave in a certain ways.

Please remember that this is just basic answers! and i will be posting some really interesting stuff (well i have found the course fascinating so far and have learnt a lot about myself!). If you would like more information just leave me a comment and i will get back to you.



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