16 Nov 2006

Counselling Homework for me and you!

Hello as promised in previous post i am writing about my counselling studies so far.
When i started this course i hadn't realised how much you would have to talk about yourself and your life experiences.
Also how open you have to be about your personal flaws and prejudices (which everyone has!)
Hopefully you will learn something interesting about yourself as well along the way.

To keep this interesting i will stick to some of the tasks i have had to do, Give you chance to answer if you like? then another post with the answers we came up with in class!
and then just ask me if you want to know more!(will try my best!)

Task One
What is counselling?

How does counselling differ from other helping relationships?


  1. I have 2 blogs similar to what you're doing in case you're interested:

    thnks and good luck dave

  2. Thanks for checking me out

  3. Claire ... Saw your post on the google board .... just wondering around on a Sat. night ...... Personal taste, I never cared for green graphics.

    Good luck with the trip .....

  4. Hi Claire,

    Good luck with your studies.

    I'm hoping that after I get my Liver that I can get back to work and get in enough time in to collect Emplyment Insurane then take some courses in Human Resourses then go back to apply again at work and when a HR job because available apply for that.


  5. Hi Claire,

    Thank you for your kind comment about my blog on the Google Board. Yours looks most interesting as well.

    Let's see.... Counselling....

    I'd say it is a professional to client relationship involving guidance in one form or another. The main differences from other helping relationships are first, the counselor is not personally involved in the client's life, and second, the counselor has received training to provide guidance.

    Best of fortunes!!