5 Nov 2006


Flipping Fireworks! It's now half 5 and fireworks have been going off for over two hours! Yes that's right some genius has even been setting them off while it was still light!
Not that i totally hate bonfire night, it can be quite good. My dad has built a large bonfire in the garden, though he hasn't actually lit it yet (that should be fun to watch) he also has got a rather large box, which i presume has fireworks in it but nobody is allowed to look.
The bonfire was mainly an excuse to burn garden rubbish, as the garden has been neglected while mum has been in hospital, well thats my dads excuse anyway!
Its now midnight so will allow you see some photos of my bonfire night!
It was actually a good night after all, its the first family thing we have done really since my mum has been out of hospital. And seeing my nephews with sparklers was scary! but worth it as the photos look excellent!

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