11 Nov 2006

Holiday Plans

Hello, another late night blog for me. My brain hurts from all the holiday plans i have been arranging!
It seems Christmas celebrations start earlier every year. Heather my younger sister is coming down visit from Scotland next week ?(the one with long hair in photo, the other one is older sister Jemma) as she cant come down for Xmas which is a bit shit (my apologies, but i cant help swearing, sometimes a swear word really suit the situation).
But also i am out in Liverpool the night she comes down for mates aunties 40th.
Then the next day i have my sisters husband birthday party to go, then a bloody body shop party on the Monday, which Jemma is having and i am being forced to go!
During that week i will have to fit in a meal and night out with Heather, also visit my mate Collette's new house!
Then that weekend My mate Karen is coming up from London so have to fit in some indoor climbing (ahhh am scared about that!) also hitting the Christmas markets in Manchester which should be good! spending more money that i haven't got! so will have to fit in some babysitting!
Then I have some serious college work to do before exam on the 5th December and portfolio handing in date which is the week after that!
Then! on the 14th flying up to Scotland (inverness onto Brora) to stay with heather till the 19th, i am doing the present run!
So when i arrive will be having the Beavers Xmas party so will be doing all fun stuffs with the little dudes, no doubt involving Doctor Who, as that's what they are obsessed with.
Just taking a deep breath before i continue......................................... Then have to fit in a night out with collette and lyns, especially lyns as her birthday is on xmas day. Also need to go out for drinks with other mates as well but am not planning that!
Then it will xmas! which will probably be at sister jems house again, then will escape at the night to go somebodies party not sure whose yet though! no plans for boxing day, unless i go to my cool cousin nats 16th.
Then on the 28th i am going down by coach to Karens in London, for ice skating and drinking in London, then back to her old house for Hawaiian themed new years party( any food or cocktail suggestions?) then getting coach back on 2nd of Jan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! my head hurts!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thanks for your comment on my 'salty? doughy" blog and I think the kids will enjoy making some of the thingies.

    I have also been blogging for only a few weeks and the post "Trials and tribulations..." is also an undercover kind of post for my problems with the blogging terms and things.

    But perseverance is definitely the name of the game here and I am getting there.

    Keep well

    P.S. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. Thanks very much! trials and tribulations is a very apt description for my blogging so far! and life as well!
    Keep Well also and keep an eye on my post!