13 Dec 2006

Counselling Homework, Task Four Answer

Hello, not a very long answer this time! as i had to do this work in class.

List the difference between you and your partner
The differences between me and my partner Vicky are:
Marital status and support network. She has a partner and a small child, I am single and have no children.

Also her support network is mainly family based, where as mine is friend based.

This was something that i have been realising more and more, my support network is a wide variety of things, where as others seems to be getting smaller. There will be more on this in Task Ten!

Make a note of aids of communication between you
What aided the communication between us was a similar education/ age and cultural background.

Make a note of any barriers to communication.
At this time there where no barriers to communication. Well except for time and the fact that we don't really know each other.

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