13 Dec 2006

Counselling Homework, Task Five

Welcome to Task Five! I hope everyone is still enjoying themselves?


Working in pairs discuss the groups of people below and choose those which you feel you may have a stereotypical attitude or prejudice towards. List your reasons for this on a separate sheet of paper.
*Lesbians *Americans *Doctors *Prostitutes *Police *Young people
*Catholics *Blonde women *Gamblers *Smokers *Disabled people *Japanese
*Drug users *Jews *Teachers *Scousers *Black people *Asians *Gay men *Upper classes
*HIV/Aids sufferers

Unconditional Positive Regard involves the counsellor accepting the client so that the client can accept themselves. For the counsellor this means that the must understand themselves an their own prejudices and issues

With your partner, explore one or more of the following issues and write your thoughts and feeling about them below:
1. Attitudes toward alcohol
2. Lowering the age of consent to 14
3.The legalising of cannabis
4. Violence against women
5. Being able to choose the sex of your child
6. People smoking near you
7. Same sex marriages
8. Capital punishment
9. Gender reassignment
10. Abortion
11. Animal rights
12. Whether people have a right to kill themselves


  1. What's a Scouser? I can't tell if I don't like them if I don't know what they are. I'd hate to mis out on a chance to be predjudiced against someone simply because I didn't know who they were. (just some sarcasm)

    #1) As long as you don't get drunk and drive or do something equally as stupid, have at it. (Claire, stay awy from the beer!)

    #2) If my daughter comes home nocked up someone's gonna die. Either that or I get a knife and I take junior right down to item #9.

    #3) Medical prescription...have at it. Otherwise, forget it.

    #4) Did she start the fight by whacking me with a bottle? OK, just kidding. Under normal way. If she;s trying to kill me it's a whole 'nother ball game.

    #5) Genetic engineering... no way.

    #6) If they can smoke near me I can fart near them.

    #7) Nope

    #8) Hang'em

    #9) Not something I'd do but I'm not gonna stop someone else from it.

    #10) In the case of rape, incest, or life endangerment of the mother...OK. As a way.

    #11) God said I could eat them and I do. Doesn't give me the go ahead to torture them for fun.

    #12) If that's what you want to do fine...don't ask me to help you.

  2. I challenge you to find out what a scouser is Gene! You sarcastic!never.


  3. OK, here it is:

    People from Liverpool who aren't that different from anyone else, except we don't slag off other cities as much as everyone else slags us off.

    The myth of scousers as criminals is usually reinforced by right wing toffs and the gutter press, who've never visited Liverpool - probably because we don't tolerate third-hand bigoted remarks from people who can afford a 'good education'.

    Hmmm, I think I may have some scouseristic tendencies! LOL!

  4. I am so close to what Gene says that I don't need to itemize. Except I knew what a Scouser was and I expect he would enjoy a nice bowl of scouse.

    I am all for violence against men, I just tried to beat up my husband, it is good therapy when I am grouchy, the problem is he just laughs.

  5. Well done Gene! and yes vic i am sure he would love a bowl of scouse!
    I am loving your attempts at violence vic!

  6. On #1) Cheers.
    On #2) Lowering consent does not address the problem that daughters are being knocked up. Nor does killing anybody.
    On #3) Creates more psychological problems than the medical issue it helps.
    On #4) Do unto others what you expect…etc
    On #5) As long as they are wanted and loved.
    On #6) The most discriminated people on earth.
    On #7) Of course.
    On #8) Solves nothing.
    On #9) Dualism - I guess it's a possibility that there are times when it might not be balanced.
    On #10) In medical circumstances
    On #11) Man is a carnivore.
    On #12) As a scouser might say 'they dont do that there, do they, but they do though, dont they though' - The only philosophical question: whether life is worth living or not.

  7. I Like your comments ahva, especially number 12 scouser style!
    I appreciate your contribution