13 Dec 2006

Writing Challenge

Hello, My blog friend Gene has challenged me and some of his fellow bloggers to create a story!
Find out more about it by following the link below

Writing challenge!

Possible characters so far

Prostitute or kept woman or former brothel owner
Serial Killer
Mad Pastor, Mad nice or mad crazy?

What do you folks reckon?


  1. Hi Claire,

    You need a profiler/investigator type. Should have lots of rough edges to upset everyone.

    Love the idea of a group story.

  2. Change that slightly. I read the setting and characters. Since it is the 1950s make the investigator one of those 1950s film noir type detectives. Just passing through as a murder is discovered. Big city type who rubs the locals the wrong way, but they need him to solve the crimes.

  3. Hmmmn - the serial killer character sounds interesting enough. Mad or "mad" pastor - well, the minister we had here -very small town too - could qualify on both aspects of the "mad" word and that was back in the 50's too! Might be able to incorporate that in there huh?

  4. in the 50's the word 'mad' is more like crazy, eccentric.. overly passionate about things/beliefs. can i be updated about the story?

  5. zwarte...keep checking the website I set up for the story. That will have a running udated story as well as a complete list of characters with attributes. Should be a lot of fun.


  6. Definitely the "kept woman" for me. All that underlying tension and passion! BTW what a brilliant idea the whole concept is! Looking forward to a good read.

  7. Hey jamie thats a excellent idea!

  8. Hey zwarte thanks for the input, any other ideas most welcome!

  9. Thanks Jeni, i might go for a serial killer mad pastor!

  10. I am liking the kept women idea, but i might make it a bit too mills and boon!
    The idea was all Genes, so blame him if it all goes wrong!
    Thanks for visiting Ruth!

  11. I wish I had the time to join in, but rest assured, I'll be watching with great interest.

  12. Claire - I went on a search/destroy mission today in my mind, posted to Gene a character description of "Mad" or mad pastor - named him (Andrew Lindstrom of Swedish ancestry) and gave him a wife (Rose Kathleen) whose ancestry (Irish) doesn't bode well with some of the prejudicial ideas of many members of his new parish. He is fresh out of the seminary-first parish. More to follow if Gene ok's him!

  13. Sounds excellent Jeni! i cant wait to hear more about him! i think we need a retired excentric pastor also, one who keeps interfering and the parish always comapre the new one to, what do you think?