28 Jan 2007

Blog Influence!

Wow, I had some really great answers to my post below.
So i need to talk more about it now instead of just replying in the comments.
How has other blogs influenced you?
The people below are the ones that have influenced the way that i blog, so if you don't like my blog, Blame Them!

Mike is part of the Merry Band of Writers formally known as TUCKERSVILLE.
I hadn't read his blog before so his biggest influence on my blog, so far that is,is that through him i met Skittles! Through Skittles i then began to read Mikes blog more and now i see what an interesting funny bloke he is. I look forward to getting to know him better.

Ruth is an absolutely amazing person, and i hope she doesn't mind me talking about her and Mick on my blog. She is right in saying that we probably would never of met or spoke to each other in the real world and would never know that we have a lot in common. Her blog is one that touches my heart and can make me Angry, Happy and Sad, but all in a good way. Her devotion to her husband Mick is hard to put into words but reading her posts you get a real sense of true love, getting upset now! Anyway her influence on my blog has been to open your heart as well as your mind when in the world of blog.

Vic Grace has influenced me a lot, She has been here right from the start with words of encouragement and support. Her blog has shown me how good a blog can be if you have the computer skills but more importantly the writing skills. I have pushed her supposedly out of her comfort zone with my counselling homework but she has continually shown me how thoughtful and insightful she is.

Gene has got me writing! i know i am writing this now, but he has influenced me and a few others into creative writing. By forming TUCKERSVILLE he has most certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. Along with this, he blogs about great memories and daily family stuff which has influenced me to do the same. He also has at times a wicked sense of humour! He loves the Fishing!

Skittles your influence on the world of blog is unmeasurable! With the Deeply personal and emotional things you write about combined with the funny and sweet, your blog is definitely one to be admired. Seeing your blog has definitely influenced mine! hopefully for the better. I think instead of using the blog as just homework practice i do see it more as a reflection of my personality. Also the fact that you really can be friends with people you have never met.

Empress Bee, well what can i say! She has definitely brought out my more wicked sense of humour. Before i even realised the connection with the Sarge, i was drawn to Funny comments a certain E'bee left on the blogs i was reading. This made me curious to know more so i followed the commenter back to her blog and i have never left! I love her, as well as being funny she is also prone to the odd rant which is a good thing!

Sarge Charlie is a fellow Tuckersville contributor. Once it had been set up he came over here and introduced himself. I was a bit scared at first, but on reading his blog, it definitely goes to show that you don't judge a book by its cover. His blog is full of wonderful memories of travels and his life with E'bee, that you cant help but love him.

Tomcat is a favourite of mine, His comments on my counselling homework have been an enormous help to me. His insights into the behaviour of us have been gotten for a wide range of personal experiences.

Colorado Bob i cant forget him! also been here from the start and has pushed me into getting more creative with my blog (see gif he made me!) and learning about the world of html! i would never of been able to put links in without his help! So a big thank you!

I haven't really said exactly what i wanted to say as its hard to put it into words how people influence you, but i have done the best i can for now. But in reply to Chris's comment: Yes i think i was Born to Blog!!!!!

New influences, Chris, Erika,Mags, Morgen, sgt dub and Ryan, I will hopefully be writing more about them in the future as they are great bloggers and becoming repeat offenders! so please don't be offended that i haven't written more about you!

Thank yous to Gattina for a great comment and hope to see you in the future!
Also coll, Jamie and john.

If you haven't already read post and Comments below!


  1. *sniff* *sniff*

    Maybe someday...

  2. crikey!! i'm the "wicked one". i think i like that. although one of your others would say i am wicked in quite another way my friend. sigh... at least i spice up your life! ha ha... smiles and hugs. bee

  3. Wow Claire what a post and a half this is. I hope you realise how much YOU have put into OUR blog lives..esp. mine...I think your blog is the only one I LURK in; I often pop in for a quick peek at you comment box; you've got some fab visitors (FAB...showing my age there!!!) and although I don't involve myself much with your counselling homework I do read it!!!'re def my No 1 counsellor if I need one. Not wanting to get too sugary but in your own way you have enriched my life and I thank you for the comments you have made about me in this post. May this happy band of Bloggerteers continue, grow and.....bring out our own record, get to No 1, make a fortune, rule the world..........jeez getting carried away now. think I'd better go and lie down before the men in white coats arrive.

  4. Thank you for accepting that I'm a forward honest person. That means so much!

  5. I stopped by her via Skittles post about what she has learned by blogging and I just wanted to say that I think it's really great that you gave a "shout out" to other bloggers that have either helped you or inspired you or otherwise "lent a hand".

    Best of luck to you in all of your future blogging!

  6. Thanks Erika, I think we should start a blog addiction club!

    Yes Ryan one day!!! for all those who haven't yet, go and check his blog out!!!

    E'bee you are indeed the spice of my life! You are a tonic that should be available on the NHS!

    Ruth you are fan dabby dozey!!!! Fab! I would never let them take you away! also i am on a mission for you! will tell more soon.

    Rose i love that you are forward and Honest, its better than a you know what type of blogger(meaning the post you have recently done), i would take 1 of you over a 1000 of them.

    Thank you very much Linda! Hope you come back.

  7. Claire, thank you for the kind words. I like your blog, because my volunteer work involves counselling, and your wisdom exceeds your years.

  8. Just stay away from the beer and you'll be fine Claire. LOL! Glad you are doing well...I'm impressed by the amount of readers you've ammassed. Keep up the good work!

  9. It's so nice that you did this post! Just shows us all how sweet we already knew you were.

  10. Hey Ruth dont get too excited!

    Hey tomcat it was no hardship to find nice words to say about you!

    Gene, its been mostly a pleasure!

    Thankyou Skittles that means a lot.