28 Jan 2007

Happy 1700 th Visitor

Happy 1700th Visitor!
For new folks, this is a thank you post to my visitors and a place where i update you on my blog.
The winner this time is a newbie Colleen, so i don't know much about her. I have just visited her site again and found out she is having problems with adopting a new dog, so my thoughts are with her.
But here is a link to her site, so please go and say hello: Just click on photo.

  • Counselling Homework on way soon! serious this time, i have been lazy!
  • Garden challenge update.
  • other stuff
Please read post below!!!!!!


  1. Hi Claire, I am thrilled to be your 1700th visitor and honoured by the link. Thank you. :-)

  2. The gaps between anniversaries are getting shorter & shorter.

    Well done Claire :-)

  3. Your welcome Coll!! i will check back soon.

    Thank you Chris and it still hasn't been you!!! i hope your ashamed of yourself!!

    Cheers Ruth!!!!!