14 Jan 2007

Counselling Homework, Activity One answers

Part One

  • What is self development?
  • Self development is a continuing process of improvement. Counsellors are required to continually pursue self development, however experienced they are or however qualified. Things to think on are:
  1. Motives for helping.
  2. Capacity to feel.
  3. Sense of worth.
  4. Fears.
  5. Sexuality.
  6. Values and Ethics
  7. Culture and Awareness of other cultures.
  8. Race and attitudes to race.
  9. Social class and attitudes to class.
  • What areas for self development can you identify? Transfer answers onto flip chart paper to present to class for discussion (or post it on your blog!)

Spiritually: this doesn't just mean religion it could mean find time for yourself to meditate and think about what holds your life together. Your own personal beliefs.

Physically: Are you as fit as you want to be? do you want to lose or gain weight? give up drink or drugs?

Emotionally: Are there issues you need to resolve in your life and relationships.

Mentally: Did you finish school? Is there something you have always wanted to learn or read?

  • In what ways can these areas be achieved?
  • Reading, Active Social Life,Meeting new people, trying new food, Counselling course, Improving General Knowledge, Losing Weight, Improving general fitness, Healthy Eating, Setting realistic goals, New hobbies, Keeping a journal, Learning a new skill. Time keeping/being organised. Time for yourself.
  • What might be some barriers to achievement?
  • Limits on time (no time to read a new book, join a course etc), Money limits (no money to join a course, find babysitters etc), Personal limits (Don't want to go outside your own comfort zones, talking about that would be to painful for me), Mental limits (a course may be too difficult for you)and Physical limits ( too unfit to climb a mountain today or learn to ice skate).

How many of these barriers are created by yourself and how many could you actually find a solution for, if you wanted to do one of these things.

Part Two

Personal Development Plan

  • Identify the areas in your life or about yourself that you would like to change.
  • Lose weight (who doesn't!), Be healthier(more fruit in my case), Improve fitness(for mountain climbing), Read more counselling books, Finish a course (struggled to do this in the past). Time keeping, Find a job(volunteering or paid)
  • What opportunities are available to you for self development?
  • I am on a counselling course at the moment and i have finished the first level, so to finish this level and go onto the diploma is achievable if i have the money.
  • Losing weight and becoming fitter is available to me if i have the motivation and will power. Walking everywhere and hiking at the weekend, learning to ride a bike again.
  • The counselling books are at the library or online to buy, just got to go and get them!
  • Time keeping i would love to improve! Getting to bed earlier and getting up earlier. When i have something to do, just do it straight away.
  • Finding a job is possible if i sort out personal life and become more organised.
  • What are the pro’s and con’s of each?
  • Pro's: Losing weight is always a good thing, becoming fitter will improve my general health and give me more confidence/self esteem. Reading the counselling books will help improve my knowledge.Time keeping improved will help with course and day to day life. Finishing course will enable me to carry onto diploma which will in turn provide me with the means to get a job. Getting a job will provide me with means to change life and be a big confidence/self esteem boost.
  • Con's: Sacrificing food i like, changing daily routine,
  • What might be the effect of your development on significant others?
  • My development should be beneficial to my relationships with significant others but will also be difficult. This is because i wont to be around as much for my mother, whom i help care for at this moment in time. But i know she will be proud of me and wants me to do well.
  • Design a table, chart or piece of artwork which includes a series of personal goals and information about how and when you will attain them.
  • I am still working on this one!

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  1. Sounds like you are well on the way. When you're done losing your weight, lose some of mine too, please. :-D